Sharps new 4.3 inch DMB / PMP educatin machine

“Sharp unveiled ‘SP700’ its new 4.3-inch T-DMB PMP during KES 2006 that is going to be available early next year. It has 4.3-inch wide LCD touch screen and audio/video playback for various files including education content. It also offers electronic dictionary and a built-in T-DMB receiver. You can add 30GB HDD and navigation feature (optional).” More photos here:

Linux webpad draws enthusiastic mini review

“The PepperPad 3 appeals to both computer neophytes and Linux hackers, suggests CarryPad Editor Steve Paine in an enthusiastic mini-review. Paine praises the device’s user-friendliness, as well as its open, hacker-friendly, x86-based architecture. Paine says that within minutes, the PepperPad can be happily connected via WiFi and browsing the web. At the same time, the device is based on Fedora Core 4, and has a built-in xterm that can be invoked through a special key sequence. This makes it trivial to install virtually any open-source software, using yum and other automatic software installation utilities. Paine suggests using this capability to turn the Pad into an offline WikiPedia viewer.Additional points of praise include 3-hour battery life, outstanding thumbwheel, TV-out, general ruggedness, kitchen- and bathtub-readiness, and a generally ergonomic design. Quibbles include some “dumbed-down” applications, such as limited IMAP support in the email client, lack of support for infrared remote control, and some awkwardness switching between the device’s joystick and its touchscreen stylus. Despite picking a few nits, Paine clearly considers the PepperPad to be one of the more evolved “ultra-mobile PC” (UMPC) devices available.His complete mini-review can be found here.” via

LG KB6100 Chocolate TDMB Phone

“Similar to Samsung P300 and P310 calculator phone, LG KB6100 is a nice chocolate phone in calculator shape. The slim phone can play MP3, capture photo at 1.3 megapixel and it is also a T-DMB phone to receive media broadcast. Although there isn’t much space for more modules, it let you connect to the TV and watch the programme on a big screen. With just 10mm thickness and 74 grams, it will be a nice chocolate DMB phone to carry around! The company is currently putting up demo unit at Starbucks Korea and let customer test it for free. LG KB6100 Specification:

2.0″ 256k Colors QVGA Screen

170 degree viewing angle

1.3 megapixel camera

2Gb Nand Flash, 512MB usable SDRAM

MP3 Player, T-DMB receiver

95 x 52 x 10.95 mm

Video on demand ” More photos here:

SCH B630: an Ultra Edition slider with DMB

“At KES 2006 show Samsung Electronics has introduced another Ultra Edition model ā€“ the SCH-B630 slim mobile phone. This is the version for the Korean market. It is packed in a slider form, 12.9 mm thick. The phone is equipped with an S-DMB receiver.There are also a 2.12ā€ QVGA (240×320 pixels) LCD, a 3-megapixel camera, an MP3-player, an expansion slot, Bluetooth interface and e-dictionary. Dimensions are 103.5x51x12.9 mm.Iā€™d note that Samsung is actively developing the Ultra Edition line on the Korean market, for example, there are several models supporting mobile TV, the analog of the slim Samsung X820 with the DMB module, 8.4 mm thick.” via