Personality Psychology Pro just released for Windows PC

” A huge pack of personality test & games presented in a pleasant / funny way. By these Psychology tests & games you can realize much more about yourself and about your companion (Sexual partner). You can analyze your personality and find out what is on your mind.It program is a pack of:* personality tests (Over 1000 questions),* personality statistics and summary outcome* games / fun (Graphical, textual, interactive stories etc)* birthday analysis (What tree did you fall from? etc)* you can set up to 3 completely different users at the same time! …and much more that will make you realize about your character learn more about psychology and of course have fun.”Check this GREAT program here:

The difference (the lack of) a touch screen makes

E70 in sunlight P990 in sunlight “You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, of course. You’re out and about in the sunshine and fresh air with your family or the dog and either your smartphone rings or you need to do something on it; make a call, enter an appointment, check something on the Web, etc. You pull out your smartphone from its holster or pocket and……. and you squint. With such bright light, there’s not a hope of the relatively feeble backlight on any smartphone making a difference, whatever setting you’ve got it on. With some observations of adequate visibility in this situation and with some of disappointing visibility, I thought it time to try and put some thoughts and some photos together. Here, under identical conditions, are the screens of the Nokia E70, N93, Sony Ericsson P990i and Palm Tungsten TX (which just happened to be to hand).” Read this nice article here:

Samsung SGH P930: a phone supporting mobile TV and HSDPA

“The Italian operator TIM is about to release a new mobile phone Samsung SGH-P930, which supports HSDPA high-speed data transfer standard and DVB-H mobile TV standard.The phone is equipped with a rotating QVGA (240x320x262K color) display. There are a 2-megapixel camera, an MP3-player and stereo speakers, Bluetooth and USB interfaces. There is 20 MB of memory onboard extended with a slot for memory cards. In addition to 3G networking it can work under GSM (900/1800/1900 MHz) networks, including EDGE. There is an extra camera for video telephony.Measuring 107×49.2×19.7 mm it weighs 119 g. Its Li-Ion 950 mAh battery ensures up to 120 minutes of talks and up to 200 hours standby. via

Rumor: Clamshell WM5 Smartphone heading Verizon

“Verizon Wireless customers are likely to get a new Windows Mobile Smartphone in the nearest future.The first information about the Pantech PN-820 leaked last May from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website. Now there are some additional details available at HowardForums.First and foremost, it is a clamshell device with CDMA EVDO cellular connectivity. Powered by Windows Mobile 5.0, the Pantech PN-820 features a color QVGA screen, mini-SD card slot with SDIO capability, and built-in Bluetooth (with A2DP and DUN). It is also equipped with a secondary display and a 1.3-megapixel camera.No word on the availability or estimated price. But let’s hope the second wave of rumors indicates the nearing release.Those willing to get a clamshell WM Smartphone for GSM networks can opt for some of the HTC Star Trek offerings available.” via

Sanyo Portable Navigation NVM 4030

Pre Orders Accepted Shortly
“Easy Street Portable Navigation System from Sanyo. Voice Guidance and Turn by Turn. Hands free Calling with Bluetooth MP3 / WMA / WAV Playback and much more!Features:
Monitor: 4″ Wide TFT Touch Screen
Navigation: No Download Required (Easy to Start)
Continental U.S. and Canada Map Data
Over 1.4M POI ( Points of Interest )
Voice Guidance
Turn-by-Turn Navigation
2D and 3D Map
Music: Plays MP3 (ID3 Tag) / WMA/WAV stored on SD Card
Headphone Jack
Bluetooth: Hands-free Calling with Cell Phone including Bluetooth
Call-out from Contact List ( Max 500 )
Language: English or Spanish
Power: DC12V and AC Power
Li-ion Battery ( Max 3.5 H )
Includes Accessories: 1 GB SC Card storing U.S. Map Data / AC and DC Power Adapters / Car Mounting Kit/ USB Cable/ DVD storing U.S. and Canada Map / Instructrion Manual CD/ Quick Start Guide ” Great price only for 400 USD. Check it here:

Review of GSM handset Samsung P310

“The touch-sensitive buttons are mounted beneath the display, so that you will definitely be keeping on unwittingly running over the display’s edge on every press, although fingerprints are mostly invisible, therefore it doesn’t bring about any troubles. But the way the sensor works is rather fancy: in stand-by mode the touch-sensitive buttons doesn’t always respond to the touch and so you have to push the key a couple of times to make it react. My attempt to find a replacement for the soft-keys resulted in a failure – these buttons take part in most interactions with the P310. Such behavior of the soft-keys and exhausting push-it-again’s, do frustrate a lot; it appears the handset’s ergonomics was missing on the developers’ to-do list.” Read this review here: