Samsung SCH W579: a CDMA/GSM phone

“The US Federal Communications Commission has approved Samsung SCH-W579, which can work in CDMA and GSM networks. Besides the phone supports Bluetooth wireless technology. More details on the model will be available on the FCC site only in December 2007, however some Chinese web sources have preliminary info and photos.The short specs of Samsung SCH-W579:
GSM and CDMA networking
Display: TFT, 240×320 pixels, 262K colors
Camera: CMOS, 2-megapixel
Sound: 72-tones polyphony, МР3-player
Office documents
TV-out.” via

Mega Personality Pack for Windows PC is out!

CrazySoft Mega Personality Pack “This is CrazySoft’s Mega Personality PackWe have made a pack of programs that specializes in analyzing someone’s personality, esotericism and discover his inner thoughts and feelings.Find out everything about you and your partner, analyze your palm and fingers, read your horoscope and numerology, make more than 1000 questions psychology tests, play psychology games, read the Tarot and find answers and a lot more…4 great programs (Most recent versions) made as a pack and offered less than half price! These 4 games costs 63.80$” Find out more here:

Navigate through Europe easily with Nokia's new car navigation device

Nokia today announced its first dedicated personal navigation device to include Europe-wide maps, the Nokia 330 Auto Navigation, to take you across European borders effortlessly allowing you to enjoy the ride, while it does the navigating. The sophisticated Nokia 330 Auto Navigation provides seamless navigation from one European country to the next, with clear spoken and visual directions on the large 3.5 inch color touch screen.With the Nokia 330 Auto Navigation, there is no need to worry about where you’re going. Simply enter the destination of your journey and follow the directions from the large 3.5 inch color touch screen, optimized for intuitive ease-of-use. You can choose other destinations easily too from the quick address look-ups prompted by the Nokia 330 Auto Navigation.”Consumers are increasingly eager to use personal navigation devices while driving and we are delighted to introduce the Nokia 330 Auto Navigation device to meet this demand,” said Razvan Olosu, vice president, Multimedia Enhancements at Nokia. “Nokia 330 Auto Navigation complements the recently announced GPS and navigation solutions from Nokia. Finding your way across Europe is simple with this comprehensive navigation package, including an integrated GPS receiver and European maps.”The Nokia 330 Auto Navigation has an integrated GPS receiver to make sure you will get the best possible satellite coverage on your journey. The device contains a 2GB memory card for the preinstalled Europe-wide map data and detailed travel information.* Tailor the visual instructions to your preference with adjustable 2D/3D, day or night view, or alter the audio to your suitable language or volume, or simply request a repeat of the last instruction.There is no need to drive dull either – the Nokia 330 Auto Navigation includes advanced entertainment features too, so you can enjoy your music player, photo viewer and video player. The Nokia 330 Auto Navigation is expected to be available in select channels in Europe during the fourth quarter 2006 at an estimated retail price of EUR 360 without taxes. Nokia 330 Auto Navigation uses the ROUTE 66 Navigate 7 application and NAVTEQ map data. ROUTE 66 is a company specialized in personal mobile navigation. NAVTEQ is a leading provider of comprehensive digital map information for automotive navigation systems, location-based services and government and business solutions.*Some European regions are not 100% covered

Worlds thinnest Pocket PC Phone, GPS and WiFi : glofiish X500

“glofiish X500 is an all new design that is considerably thinner than current products in the market as of it’s launch date; upgraded communications with support for faster protocols and standards; and the ability to combine both GPS and Wi-Fi capabilities in a single device. Combined with the company’s innovative internal antenna design, glofiish X500 promises to make future products some of the most portable, pocket-friendly devices available and perhaps put E-TEN in the running to claim the title, “World’s thinnest Pocket PC Phone”. Improved ergonomics are also a focus and glofiish X500 design is optimized of Windows Mobile 5.0. glofiish X500 features 2 quick application buttons that offer one-thumb navigation of Pocket PC applications, 2 dedicated phone function buttons, and several user-configurable soft-keys that will allow each individual the ability to customize and configure their device to best suit their needs. The ideal mobile device would combine phone and GPRS capabilities for voice and data on the move; Wi-Fi for high-speed Internet and WLAN connectivity; and GPS satellite communications for easy navigation and travel. E-TEN is planning that its future products will offer all these functions as well as Bluetooth 2.0, multimedia video and audio capabilities, and a 2.0 mega-pixels camera making them the ultimate all-in-one device for both businesses and consumers.” Find out more about this great device here:

Head to head:E61 vs Treo 750v

“Putting similar form-factored smartphones from different manufacturers is always interesting, especially so when one of these devices is a much-talked about hybrid of technologies from two previously competing companies.The Nokia E61 is unusual for Nokia, (apart from the E70) their only keyboarded S60 smartphone. The comparison below also applies in the main to the E62, a version for the US market, by the way.The Palm Treo 750v is the first Europe-marketed Palm Treo running Windows Mobile – gone are the days when Palm and Microsoft are arch-enemies. The Treo 700w (in the USA) and 750v represent Palm’s attempt to take the standard Windows Mobile interface and add their own (significant) usability tweaks.” Read more here:

ORSiO Solutions – communicator n725 or following in the footsteps of HTC

“Today we are going to speak about ORSiO and Quanta companies, rather than a stand-alone communicator going by the name of ORSiO n725. The reason for that is quite simple – the model in itself is a slightly modificated O2 XDA Atom unit, that we gave an in-depth try-out a bit earlier. Repeating our own words won’t make much sense, thus we would rather like to dwell on made alterations. Thereupon the company’s prospects and place on the market are of more interest to us.HTC’s fame of the market’s leading Windows Mobile-powered devices manufacturer gives no rest to its rivals, especially to the Taiwanese OEM/ODM companies that would hardly miss the change to earn some coins on the rapidly expanding market (according to Gartner Dataquest, average annual increase in sales of Windows Mobile-based devices until 2009 will make 134%). A relatively new player to the market – Taiwanese Quanta Computer is a known ODM-manufacturer of notebooks; nevertheless apart from this business, the company has been running production of some models of handsets for Philips, Nec, Toshiba, therefore one could hardly call Quanta “a newcomer”.” Read more here: