Linx Digital Photo Frame PHOTO8W

“If you like to show off your photos but don’t want the clutter of lots of photo frames around the house, this product is ideal. The Linx Photoframe is the next generation in photo frames, with an 8″ Full Colour TFT screen and stereo speakers. Just pop in your digital camera’s memory card and the Linx will do the rest. It can either display your pictures as a slideshow or play MPEG videos in either portrait or landscape modes. You can even connect it to your PC and display all the pictures from your hard disk.
Display screen: 8 inch high definition TFT display screen
Screen Resolution: 720×480 pixels
Screen Brightness: 250nit
Screen Contrast ratio: 300:1
Card reader function: SD/MS/MS PRO/MMC card
USB Connector: USB 1.1
High quality Speakers: Built-in 2×1.5W stereo speakers
Playable picture format: JPEG
Playbale Audio files: MP3/WMA
Playable Video files: MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4
Multi-language: 8 kinds OSD Language
Picture play back function: Zoom in & out, rotate function
Image enhanced: Chroma/Brightness/Acutance/Conrast adjustable
Video output jack: CVBS output
Audio output jack: Stereo output
Power supply: 1600mAh lithium battery or
AC adaptor Remote control: Full function remote control
Placed mode: Horizontal/Vertical ” Check it here:

YouTube Mobile Videos in 2007

“YouTube, the newly acquired video giant of Google has plans to take things a bit more mobile. The service to be launched next year will allow viewers to watch those strip teases, gadget unboxings and borat clips while on the go. Currently YouTube allows for mobile video uploads, this is where the new mobile download features will fill the void. Founder Chad Hurley hopes to “have something on a mobile device” by the end of 2007. “It’s a huge market and with our video lengths, it’s a natural.” He explained to advertising executives at the OgivlyOne Digital Media Summit.With Google’s support it should not be difficult for the company to develop a model to work for the mobile community, regardless of the ownership of such distributed media.” via

StyleTap Platform Version 1.0 Now Available

“StyleTap Inc., a leading innovator in software platforms for PDAs and smartphones, today released version 1.0 of StyleTap Platform for Windows Mobile, allowing applications originally written for Palm OS to run on Windows Mobile Pocket PC PDAs and phones. Thoroughly tested by tens of thousands of preview users, StyleTap Platform is the first in a family of products that will bring the same capability to devices that run other operating systems, such as Symbian OS™ and Windows Mobile for Smartphones.”Users from around the world purchased the preview version of StyleTap Platform, and we used their feedback to make version 1.0 faster and even more robust and capable,” said Gregory Sokoloff, CEO and co-founder of StyleTap Inc. “Long-time Palm OS users are thrilled to continue running their favorite Palm OS applications on their new Windows Mobile devices, while existing Windows Mobile users are delighted with the vast library of additional applications that StyleTap Platform makes available to them.””The benefits of StyleTap Platform are not just for end users,” said Lew Shepherdson, VP Sales & Marketing for StyleTap. “Application developers and OEMs have readily seen how supporting StyleTap Platform immediately expands the market for their products and creates unimagined cross-platform opportunities. Similarly, corporate customers, including Fortune 50 companies, are already saving time and money by deploying proven Palm OS applications on new hardware with StyleTap Platform.”The StyleTap software includes everything necessary to run most applications and games written for any version of Palm OS (including version 5 applications that use ARMlets). It supports virtually all Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices, including phones with square screens (like the popular Palm Treo™ 700 series) and PDAs with high-resolution VGA screens, in portrait or landscape mode. Programs run at full speed, even animated games and multimedia applications. Network applications work great through WiFi, serial or USB connections. Infrared (IR) and Bluetooth® communications are also supported.”There’s an enormous base of wonderful software written for Palm OS, and it’s great to see those products available on a much wider range of hardware,” said Michael Mace, author of the popular Mobile Opportunity blog (, a principal at Rubicon Consulting, and former Chief Competitive Officer at Palm. “The mobile industry and mobile users desperately need a single consistent platform that would let developers write software once and run it anywhere. Mobile Java was supposed to do that, but it failed miserably. I’m delighted that StyleTap has tackled this problem on Windows Mobile, and I look forward to them extending their product to other operating systems.”Applications written for Palm OS devices run, unmodified, on StyleTap Platform. If they wish, application developers can extend programs that are fully compatible with Palm OS by using StyleTap APIs that optimize execution speed and the user experience on Windows Mobile devices. Direct access to native libraries is available for specialized applications. Already, hundreds of developers are incorporating StyleTap Platform in their application strategies. The Runs on StyleTap program offers developer support and co-marketing tools.”It was an easy decision – supporting StyleTap Platform allowed us to effectively double the size of our potential market,” said Tim Norman, President of NormSoft Inc. (, makers of Pocket Tunes™, the leading audio player software for Palm devices. “Since our product really stresses the capabilities of the Palm OS, we’ve been very impressed by the stability and performance of StyleTap Platform. In fact, the only thing more impressive has been the support we’ve received from StyleTap.”A corporate version of StyleTap Platform (to be announced soon) will include support for barcode and RFID scanners and other hardware-specific capabilities.StyleTap Platform can be downloaded and purchased online at for US$49.95. A free 14-day trial is available and email and web-based support is included. Anyone who purchased a preview version can upgrade to version 1.0 at no charge.About StyleTap Inc.StyleTap Inc. is a privately-held Canadian software company founded in 2000 to liberate mobile device users from the scarcity of application choices by empowering handheld devices to run thousands more applications. In April 2005, StyleTap released a preview version of StyleTap Platform for Windows Mobile – a robust, high performance software platform that enables Windows Mobile devices to run the thousands of software applications written for Palm OS devices. In October 2006, version 1.0 was released, for Pocket PC phones and PDAs. StyleTap is actively extending its unique technology to run on additional devices and operating systems.For further information, please visit or contact:StyleTap Inc.:Lew ShepherdsonTel: 416-504-1551 ext 555Email: press at