SPH P9000, the Samsung WiMAX and CDMA EVDO PDA PC

“Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in telecommunication network systems and handsets, unveiled the latest in mobile convergence device, the SPH-P9000 Deluxe MITs at Mobile WiMAX Summit 2006. The SPH-P9000 is the true convergence device capable of voice and multimedia data communications through Mobile WiMAX technology.The SPH-P9000 is the ideal companion for users to usher in the new era of mobile convergence technology. The expected growth of Mobile WiMAX services will result in an increasing demand for multi-functional devices. The SPH-P9000 is a PDA-based device utilizing Mobile WiMAX and CDMA EV-DO connectivity. Users will have wireless access to the Internet utilizing Mobile WiMAX connectivity. Simultaneously, the CDMA EV-DO technology provides mobile phone connection for voice communication. With Microsoft Windows XP as the operating system, users will find the contents and applications familiar and easy to use for work and play.The SPH-P9000 comes with a QWERTY keyboard for painless typing and internet surfing, while the MP3 player function, VOD, and camera function provide a quick access to multimedia entertainment. The five inch WVGA screen is prepared for movie and document viewing, while the 30GB hard drive stores music, movies, and documents. All of these unique features are combined into one device that weighs in at a little over one pound. The SPH-P9000 is truly a unique and versatile mobile device.” More photos here:

Samsungs SPH 8100 PPC phone with Mobile WiMax, IMS, and DMB

“Samsung Electronics presented ‘Mobile Wimax MITs SPH-M8100’, its new Wimax-enabled handset during Samsung Mobile Wimax Summit 2006. Based on ‘IMS (IP multimedia service), it allows users to have access to data at the speed of up to 20mbps while they are aboard of a car moving at 60km/h. It means you can actually various kinds of IP-based service including VoIP, voice call, push-to-all service, VOD, RSS and etc. in real time. It also supports T-DMB and TV-out.Meanwhile, it can be used as a Wibro modem in connection with a pc or a laptop.” More photos here:

LG KU800: an update of the Chocolate

“LG Electronics has announced the release of LG KU800 mobile phone. This is an advanced version of the popular LG Chocolate with the support of 3G networking and some other improved specs. The design remained the same. According to the company LG KU800 will be released by Vodafone operator, however it will be available also from other operators in many countries. The phone is equipped with two cameras for video telephony and for high quality photos, and an expansion slot. The specs of LG KU800: GSM/GPRS/EDGE (900/1800/1900 MHz) and UMTS LCD – 2” QVGA (240×320 pixels), 262K colors 2-megapixel camera 60 MB of user available memory Slot for microSD cards (up to 1 GB) USB and Bluetooth JAVA 2.0, WAP 2.0, EMS, MMS, V-MMS 1000 mAh battery Dimensions – 94.6×45.6×17.1 mm Weight – 98 g” via mobile-review.com

Linux based FIC GTA001 GSM smartphone is cheap and hackable!

“One of the world’s largest computer and consumer electronics manufacturers will ship a completely open, Linux-based, GPS-equipped, quad-band GSM/GPRS phone direct, worldwide, for 350USD or less, in Q1, 2007. First International Computing’s (FIC’s) “Neo1973” or FIC-GTA001, is the first phone based on the open-source “OpenMoKo” platform.Sean Moss-Pultz, an FIC product development manager, introduced the Neo1973 — and OpenMoKo — as the “Mystery Guest” at the inaugural “Open Source in Mobile” conference today in Amsterdam. Moss-Pultz worked for FIC in Taiwan for two years, before founding the Neo1973 project in January. He said. “I was able to convince FIC that having an open phone makes financial sense for us. Some big company’s got to stick their neck out there and say we believe in this, and we’re going to do it.”Consistent with FIC’s dual-OS support policy on computing products, the Neo1973 can also run Windows Mobile. In fact, the phone was co-designed by the Chinese government, for a high-volume Windows-based PHS (“Personal Handy Phone”) product. FIC has the capacity to ship 100,000 of the phones per month, Moss-Pultz said, explaining its low cost. * 2.8-inch 480×640 TFT display * Touch panel with multi-touch gesture recognition * Mesh file sharing over USB * Full GSM features (e.g. calling and SMS) * GPS suitable for both in-car and on-foot use * Dedicated emergency paging button * iPod-quality mp3 player” Learn more about this hackable smartphone here: