SEVEN Delivers Push Email to the Popular Sony Ericsson Smartphones

“SEVEN, the global market leader in push email software, announced the availability of its push email software on the new Sony Ericsson M600 and P990 smartphones. SEVEN Always-On Mail comes preloaded on these devices, white-labelled with its partners, always conveniently located within a click or two from the home screen. On the device, users can find push email powered by SEVEN as Ericsson Mobile Organizer (EMO) from Ericsson, or as one of the push email brands marketed by the world’s leading mobile operators.With SEVEN’s focus on ease-of-use and unmatched device support for push email, enterprises and consumers can get their emails in real-time, on the device of their choice. Using architecture built from the ground up expressly for mobile communication, SEVEN’s solutions are secure, optimised for extending the battery life, and effective in bandwidth usage, making it the most affordable alternative for mobile access to personal and business email and other applications.Preloading of SEVEN’s push email software, which is specifically designed for simplified set-up for mass market adoption, has brought significant ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) increases to SEVEN’s mobile operator partners. Take-up rates for the solution have reached as high as 35% of newly sold devices, a rate previously unseen for any mobile data application except SMS text messaging.Paul Hedman, COO at SEVEN, states; “Mobile email is a significant growth market and users are demanding more from their devices. We enjoy a close working relationship with handset manufacturers like Sony Ericsson to guarantee that we offer the best possible mobile email functionality for both business and consumer users. We are proud to be the outstanding number one in number of devices supported for push email. Today we can ship SEVEN push email on more then 200 different mobile handsets, giving mobile users the widest choice”.The M600 and P990 are the latest 3G devices from Sony Ericsson and provide secure access to organisers, email, phone and the internet. Combined with SEVEN’s Always-On Mail, users can send and receive email, read, edit and re-send email attachments as well as having always-on access to their calendar and contacts when on the move.” via

GLOBAL LAUNCH Skype phone – no PC required

“Finally a cordless Skype phone that does not require a PC. Just connect the DUALphone base station to your broadband connection, and then you can talk free of charge with your Skype friends or call other landline numbers worldwide – either using the extremely low SkypeOut rates or as usual via your regular landline operator. The popular Skype user interface and the attractive colour display gives you tomorrow’s telephone today and for the future, because it is easy and simple to download new software directly from the phone.The phone has superior sound quality, is naturally cordless and has a range of up to 300 metres. It is easy to install, easy to use and a natural choice as your conference phone.Main features • Stand-alone Cordless Phone for Skype and ordinary phone in one• No need for a PC – just connect the DUALphone base station directly to your broadband router or modem• Intuitive Skype graphical user interface• Cordless phone using DECT – Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications• Free Internet telephony via Skype to other Skype users• SkypeOut to or SkypeIn from any phone number• Ordinary telephony via your landline operator – Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)” Check it here:

Short review of GIGABYTE gSmart i128 communicator

“GIGABYTE Communications is making first steps on the market of Windows Mobile-based communicators. Despite being a newcomer to the market and lacking experience, the manufacturer already has great products and announcements – the first and the only communicator with the analog TV-receiver, the first VGA-communicator. The cooperation with operators pays off for GIGABYTE as well – O2 XDA Stealth is GIGABYTE g-Smart packing its filling into the operator’s custom casing (revamped, different materials used, set of additional operator’s applications).” Read more here: