XNINE Korea to launch multimedia player with built in speaker

” XNINE Korea presented ‘MMP X-500(1GB)’ multimedia player capable of playing seamless video files.It features 260,000 2.2-inch Samsung TFT-LCD, mp4 playback, micro SD slot, FM radio, voice recording, e-Book, and built-in speaker. The company offers Vsonic earphones with the MMP X-500 as a promotional event.” More photos of this this looking multimedia player here:

Palm Treo 680 video overview!

“Back at the Digital Life show in New York Palm announced the new Treo 680 Smartphone. It’s your phone along with email, messaging, and web access. Not to mention your contacts, calendar, photos, and songs. Sounds like a lot. And it is. But everything’s so easy to learn that you’ll actually use it, which makes it anything but a typical phone. A hat tip goes out to Palm for delivering an entry level converged device for the every day user!” via mobilitytoday.com

Nokia N95 reviewed at soaileek.net!

“Just to give you a comparative view of the size, the N95 is a bit wider (53mm vs. 49mm) and a bit shorter (99mm vs. 110mm), when the slider is not open, than the N73 multimedia computer. To cater for its multimedia-rich content, the new device comes with an impressive 2.6-inch 24-bit color TFT display (240 x 320 pixels) capable of producing up to 16 million colors. It also features two 3D stereo speakers at both sides in addition to a couple of control buttons for various camera functions (see our special camera review). The left side also features a 3.5mm audio jack and a microSD memory card slot. This is Nokia’s first Nseries device to adopt the microSD concept. The dual slider concept is a bit interesting as provides the user with further ergonomic usability options. If the slide the screen part up, it will reveal a neatly designed keypad comprising 12 keys (digits 0-9 plus * and # keys). This keypad sounds good when it comes to accessing the keys. They are comfortably big and this is one of the rare keypads where you don’t really fear pressing the wrong key because of the sizefactor.When you slide the screen down, you will see the multimedia playback controls. It will also switch the screen to landscape mode, an interesting feature especially when you want to watch a movie of this2.6-inch display.” Read more about this great smartphone here: