Review: Nokia N93 Multimedia Marvel

“The N93 is made entirely of good quality plastic. Our review unit was black in color with hints of silver and chrome. The N93 is solidly built, and I could find no creaks or squeaks anywhere on out review unit. Even the hinge feels solid and should be able to withstand the twisting and turning of the flip. One complaint would be the total lack of a spring mechanism in the hinge. This made opening the phone a bit troublesome since I had to use both hands all the time. On the front of the N93, you will find the small external display and the loudspeaker. On the right side of the phone, the camera shutter button is located on the hinge. The zoom lever circles this button just like you would find on a normal camera. A 5-way navigation d-pad is located next to the camera and LED flash buttons. On the left side of the phone, the huge lens is located just above the LED flash. Nokia has provided users with a lens cap that can be attached with a string to the phone. The lens cap was an annoyance and was a pain to remove from the lens, though it can be detached from the phone easily. The miniSD card slot, charging port, and Pop-Port connector are all located on the left side of the N93. The power button is located on the top of the N93, and an Infrared port is placed on the bottom of the phone, on the top portion of the flip. There is nothing on the back of the phone except for the battery cover release button.” Read more here:

Rumor: HTC readying MS Smartphone with QWERTY slider

Pocket PC and Smartphone merger is coming closer. Get ready for the world’s first MS Smartphone with a slide-out QWERTY keypad!msmobles have obtained preliminary details about the upcoming HTC Vox. On the one hand, the handset has practically nothing truly innovative, but on the other hand, it will definitely find its customer when released.The HTC Vox is expected to offer quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE cellular connectivity in a traditional candy form factor with a dedicated alphanumeric keypad. It will run Windows Mobile 5.0, and have 96 MB RAM and 128 MB ROM.The handset will be equipped with a 2.4-inch color QVGA TFT screen, micro-SD card slot, and Bluetooth. Other features will include built-in Wi-Fi, 5-way Jog Bar (touch-sensible strip for handy navigation), and a 2-megapixel camera. But what will make the HTC Vox stand out of the crowd is an additional, slide-out full QWERTY thumb keyboard, just like in the latest HTC TyTN Pocket PC Phone.The HTC Vox is likely to arrive in the second quarter of 2007. Stay tuned for additional details as the story develops.” via

Palm Treo 680 Review at palminfocenter!

“Besides the nice price, the best new aspect of the Treo 680 is its slimmer and lighter form factor. While it doesn’t seem like much of a difference on paper, the new size feels absolutely great and won’t weigh down your pocket. Compared to the Treo 650 or a 700p, there is a very noticeable difference in weight, not so much with the thickness. The 680 is 2.3mm slimmer, but still a bit on the thick side for a mobile phone. It holds well in hand and grips better due to its more angled in sides. It also looks much more attractive, though slightly less distinctive without its external antenna, however that won’t be missed by most. The top of the 680 has a smooth black portion that contains the IR window and the silent mode switch. The silent mode switch now vibrates when activated, giving you a physical confirmation that it is engaged. It’s also been made flush against the top and the notch shows a red strip to let you know its in the on position. The left side has the volume keys and a customizable side key, which is set to activate the voice recorder by default. The right side is free of buttons and holds the SD card section in the center. The SD slot is now tucked away behind a small plastic door. The door is easy to access and remains hinged to the side via two flexible rubber joints. On my unit the cover seemed a little flimsy. When closed it doesn’t always stay totally flush with the side and the cover pokes out a bit. While not a huge problem, I wonder if it would get worse over time.” Read this nice review here: