'Dual LCD mobile phone' invented by a Korean individual inventor

“Seok Hong Jeong, a Korean individual inventor, revealed ‘dual LCD mobile phone’ at Seoul International Invention Fair 2006, which is specifically designed to optimize mobile internet services for a wide-ranging variety of multimedia contents.He already applied for a patent in overseas market and has been waiting for the result. He said that his goal was to develop a next generation device and commercialize it with cooperation with mobile manufacturing companies and service providers in the future.” More photos of this great dual-screen cellphone here:

The Future has Fuel Cells for your Notebook and Cell Phone

” We’ve seen plenty of fuel-cell powered cars and motorbike concepts and now Antig Technology is planning to push fuel cell technology into the notebook and cellular phone arena. The design and engineering startup, recently revealed at the Taiwan International Small Fuel Cell Application Technical Forum that they plan to commercialize their direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) technology by creating fuel cell modules for notebooks and chargers for cell phones through 2007.Shown above is their 2W DMFC charger for cell phones that is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2007.” via slashphone.com

Mega Personality Pack for Palm and PPC was just updated!

Hand“This is CrazySoft’s Mega Personality Pack. We have made a pack of programs that specializes in analyzing someone’s personality, esotericism and discover his inner thoughts and feelings. Click here for more: Mega Personality Pack was just updated!Updated for Palm OS to v1.1Updated for Pocket PC to v1.2Updated for WM Smartphones to v1.1Updated for Windows PC to v1.1—07/Dec/2006 UPDATE—* Astrology And Horoscope got updated for 2007* Personality Psychology Pro got updated for 2007Buy it $29.95 for Palm OSBuy it $29.95 for Pocket PCBuy it $29.95 for WM SmartphoneBuy it $29.95 for Windows PC