Linux phone stack gains predictive text input software

“Zi Corporation says its eZiText predictive text input software and Decuma handwriting recognition software are available pre-integrated with Trolltech mobile phone stacks, including Qtopia 2.x, 4.x, and “Jupiter.” Zi’s products were demonstrated on Trolltech’s Greenphone at the ITU Telecom World show this week in Hong Kong. According to Zi, eZiText and Decuma help users draft and send text messages quickly. They can also be used to access a phone’s advanced features.Decuma combines handwriting recognition software with word completion/text prediction (for alphabetic languages). It supports natural letter shapes, rather than requiring users to adapt to special shapes, and can be configured to predict full words in two languages at once. Additionally, Decuma allows users to create shortcuts, and adds “used words” to the prediction pool. Decuma is available for alphabetic, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese languages.eZiText (pictured top of page) offers word completion and text prediction — along with automatic correction — for devices with key-driven text input. It supports 12-key numeric keypads, as well as standard hardware and software keyboards, joysticks, and other assorted input devices. Zi claims the software can speed up text entry by 450 percent, or by 50 percent compared to competing predictive software products. Zi first announced plans to integrate eZiText with Qtopia in April. Chinese ODM (original designer/manufacturer) Wistrom NeWeb has previously used the software in its Linux-based mobile phones.Trolltech last week said Zi’s products would be among the first to be available pre-integrated with its Greensuite mobile phone software reference design, which uses the open, Linux-based Greenphone as a demonstration platform.” via