SanDisk and Sony develop Memory Stick PRO HG format

“SanDisk Corporation and Sony Corporation today announced the development of the “Memory Stick PRO-HG” format expanded from the “Memory Stick PRO” format. The continuing increase in the capacity of IC recording media has broadened its usage as a practical way to store high-resolution digital photos, music and video content (from the Internet or TV programs) on portable devices that are designed to handle digital entertainment content. The demand for real-time recording and transfer of multiple gigabytes of data using IC recording media is expected to increase rapidly, due to the growing popularity of high resolution video and digital still image applications. “Memory Stick PRO-HG” media offers high performance to meet the stringent demands of end users. This new media format uses an enhanced, 8-bit parallel interface in addition to a conventional serial and 4-bit parallel interface. The interface clock frequency also increases to 60MHz from 40MHz. This means that maximum data transfer speed increases up to 480Mbps, or 60MB/s (theoretical value), three times as fast as that of “Memory Stick PRO” media. The minimum write speed at 8-bit parallel transfer is 120 Mbps, or 15MB/s*1. These enhancements allow large data amounts of up to several gigabytes to be quickly transferred, as well as the real-time recording of high-resolution video and still images.Since “Memory Stick PRO-HG” is an extended format of the “Memory Stick PRO” format, “Memory Stick PRO-HG” compliant host devices support the conventional “Memory Stick PRO” media as well as “Memory Stick PRO-HG” media. In addition, the “Memory Stick PROHG” media can be used conventional “Memory Stick PRO” compliant host devices as well as “Memory Stick PRO-HG” compliant host devices. *2Licensing for the development of “Memory Stick PRO-HG” compliant host devices is scheduled to commence in January 2007. “Sony and SanDisk share the common goal of providing exciting new digital audio and video applications to consumers,” said Eli Harari, chairman and CEO of SanDisk Corporation. “This is the driving force that is behind our relentless efforts to leverage our expertise and extensive intellectual property in flash memory cards to develop the Memory Stick PRO-HG. I am proud of the close cooperation we have with Sony over the years and look forward to seeing the exciting new products that Memory Stick PRO-HG media enable.” Akira Kubota, president of Core Component Business Unit, Sony Corporation said “Sony has successfully collaborated with SanDisk Corporation in promoting the Memory Stick formats. Significant milestones have been the Memory Stick PRO format in 2003 and the Memory Stick Micro in 2005. I am delighted by today’s joint announcement of the Memory Stick PROHG format. This new IC recording media allows the speedy sharing of high definition video and digital still camera data between products.” Through the introduction of this new format, Memory Stick will greatly expand its entertainment applications. Since the September 1998 market introduction of Memory Stick, cumulative shipments of media have achieved 200 million units as of September 2006*3. The Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo media will be made available in 2007.

Major Specifications of Memory Stick PRO-HG

Dimensions: Duo size (31 x 20 x 1.6) mm
Connector Pin: 14-pin
Capacity: 32GB (format maximum) *4
Max. Data Transfer Rate: 480 Mbps (theoretical)
Min. Write Speed: 120 Mbps *1 (As of 8-bit parallel transfer), 40 Mbps *1 (As of 4-bit parallel transfer)
Operating Voltage: 2.7 to 3.6 V
Interface: 8-bit / 4-bit parallel I/F and Serial I/F
Max. Clock frequency: 60MHz *5
Copyright Protection Technology: MagicGate

For licensing information, please visit *1: In the case of optimized compliant host devices.*2: When using “Memory Stick PRO-HG” media with “Memory Stick PRO” compliant host devices, “Memory Stick PRO-HG” media functions as “Memory Stick PRO”.*3: The cumulative number includes Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick PRO and Memory Stick PRO Duo media.*4: This data does not guarantee that Memory Stick PRO-HG 32 GB media will be introduced to the market. Memory Stick PRO-HG product lineup is not yet fixed. Memory Stick PRO-HG recording capacity, transfer speed etc. will depend on specifications of compliant host devices.*5: 8-bit parallel transfer specification. All trade names are either registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders.

NewBornGames has released the first mp3 encoder for Palm OS

“Mp3Enc is the first ever Mp3 encoder for the Palm platform!Now you can record sound, compress into Mp3 on your SD card, and plug the same SD card into your external player! Writes Mp3’s in a variety of bitrates from 64 to 320 Supports batch jobs: Select many files at once and leave the encoder running! ARM code enhanced for the best possible speedMp3Enc and Wave Edit Pro Enterprise Bundle!Obviously, an Mp3 encoder isn’t much good unless you have a program to record and edit the Wave audio first. NewBornGames offers a program bundle of Wave Edit Pro Enterprise Edition and Mp3Enc at the combined prize of $30! Together they make an excellent combination! Requirements: Palm OS 5.0+ (supported devices: All Treo devices running Palm OS, Tungsten T5, TX, LifeDrive, Zire 72, Tungsten T1, T2, T3, C, E, and Zire 71. May work on OS5.0+ Sony Clie devices). To load/save samples, you also need a memory(SD) card.Control method: Stylus.Version: 1.0. Download ZIP (right click and choose Save As). Buy Mp3Enc($12) or the Mp3Enc+WaveEditPro EE Bundle($30) online !