Verizon offers Motorola Q in Black

Verizon Wireless today announced a black version of the Motorola Q. The device, which is available for order today, features a rubberized black housing that is black all the way through. This insures that if the device is scratched, the Q will retain the black color.Instead of a holster, the black Moto Q will ship with a carrying case. No other hardware changes are known at this time, though the device will reportedly ship with the 2nd software update, soon to be available for all Q users.The phone is currently available for a $50 premium over the standard silver Q, and is priced at $149 after rebates and qualifying service plan.” via

Nokia 6290 Preview at allaboutsymbian!

“The 6290 has classic clamshell styling, a roughly rectangular shape, but with rounded edges and a slightly tapered bottom. It is comfortable to hold in either closed or open mode, and is not unpleasant to look at. However in its overall styling the 6290 does not particularly stand out, it is not a phone for the fashion conscious and I’m sure many will see it is as a little boring, but there is a big market out there for this type of phone. Overall the build quality is excellent, the clamshell mechanism feels reassuringly solid, although some may be disappointed by the lack of a sprung hinge. The keypad is good; all the keys are reasonably large and give good tactile feedback. It is a simple keypad design, but it is very effective. It is particularly good that none of the control keys feels cramped, something that has let down earlier devices. The 6290 has a multimedia key, a first for a non Nseries device, which perhaps reflects the multimedia aspirations of this handset.Long term S60 users may notice the absence of the pencil key; the 6290 is the first device to do away with this key. The functions previously assigned to the pencil key such as multi-select in lists, and access to copy and paste are now principally taken over by the # key. This works well and demonstrates the pencil key was largely redundant.” Read more here: