Review of GSM handset Motorola MOTORIZR Z3

“Measuring only 106х46х16 mm in size and weighting 108 grams, the Z3 readily slips in any pocket without bringing about any discomfort or something even worse. Key lock may be turned on automatically, preventing the function keys from being accidentally pressed. The handset utilizes a traditional RAZR-style keypad – if there are still some people among our readers not familiar with it, we shall describe it as a metal plate with engraved keys captions The four-way navigation key has OK button inserted into it. As for the numeric keypad, it can be reveled only by sliding the Z3 open and shows off bulky buttons with good and, more importantly, noticeable click sensation. The slope of the casing is a unique solution overlook by other companies – thanks to this feature you won’t experience any problems with reaching both the top and the bottom key rows, even people with really big hands won’t end up hitting the slider’s upper part. The keys are evenly lit in white, which is well-visible in various conditions.” Check this nice review here:

RUMOR: HTC Athena Specs Updated ?

Theunwired has some great rumors about the new HTC Athena Pocket PC phone”Well, I’m sure you remember my last week’s posting about the HTC Athena and while the hardware design and feature-set looks pretty promising, the specs aren’t. Until last night, when I’ve received an interesting E-Mail from an anonymous tipster and if these specs turns out to be true, the HTC Athena might become the 2007 uber device:I have some news for you regarding HTC Athena. The picture is true but the published specs are not.Real Athena specs are as follows: Device is bit larger than the HTC Universal and more square, also it’s quite heavier than the Universal It’s about the same thickness It has a detachable keyboard which is partly made from clear plastic so when it works as a cover of the HTC Athena, you can still see basic information on the main screen like signal power or battery When keyboard works as a stand, the device stands on it (it’s communicating by the connector on the keyboard and connecting ‘pads’ on the side of the Athena when it stands on the keyboard and is kept together by strong magnets) Keyboard is kept in place by magnets in closed position as well Device has 5″ VGA 640×480 screen Further features includes: GSM/GPRS/EDGE and UMTS Bluetooth 2.0 W-LAN b/g 624 MHz processor, 8 GB drive 3 megapixel camera with flash GPS 2200 mAh battery G-Sensor VGA out Stereo speakers miniSD”