O2 Graphite smartphone officially

“O2 Graphite is one of the models prepared by the operator O2 for the beginning of 2007. Some time ago it was approved by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Now there appeared a special section devoted to the product at O2 Asia site.This is quite an advanced smartphone powered by Intel XScale PXA 270 416 MHz, 64 MB RAM and 128 MB flash ROM. It is designed for 3G UMTS networks and support tri-band GSM and GPRS (no EDGE), Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) and Bluetooth.In addition to the main 2-megapixel camera there is a frontal VGA-camera for video telephony. Its display features a 2.2” diagonal, QVGA (240×320 pixels) resolution. The smartphone is powered by Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone Edition. Measuring 109.5×46.9×18 mm it weighs 105 g.” via mobile-review.com

Just Mobile 802.11g WiFi SDIO Card Review

“The lack of a large external protrusion doesn’t significantly decrease signal performance however, at least as compared to most Wi-Fi devices with internal antennas. It does not, of course, compare too favorably to integrated stub antennas and cards with larger external antennas, such as my Symbol CF card. You do pay some price for size.Power usage is about typical for a modern Wi-Fi device, perhaps a bit better. The Just Mobile card does an impressive amount of power saving while idle, down to the point where you’d barely even notice it was there, but the more you use it, the faster your battery will drain.Due to limitations of current handheld hardware, even a card with support for the much faster 802.11g wireless networking is unlikely to provide a significant increase in performance over an 802.11b card. What you do get out of the added support is the ability to connect to 802.11g-only networks. Some networks lock out 802.11b devices due to concerns over performance issues, but a G-capable card enables you to get online with any Wi-Fi net, without even the minor performance hit of using the B/G “mixed mode” common to most APs. You’re also equipped for the latest security protocols; not just WEP, but also WPA and WPA2. Slightly more exotic setups such as LEAP may require third-party software.” Read more here:

Makayama Releases Mobile TV Center For PPC and Symbian!

Watch TV on more than 500 mobile phones, Pocket PCs, iPod, PSP and portable media players. Take your TV programs on-the-go. All the shows that your record with your Windows Media Center are automatically converted in the background and transferred to your mobile phone, iPod, Pocket PC, Palm. Simply record TV-shows for your portable device by selecting a tv-show in the EPG (on-screen program guide). Every time you put your memorycard in the Media Center, the fresh content will be put on your device. So that you can watch it whenever and wherever you want. Supports more than 500 mobile devices, from 20 major brands, including Symbian and Windows smartphones from Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung, iPaq Pocket PCs and navigation devices such as TomTom. Take your favourite tv-series, talkshow, sport events or recorded movies with you on your portable device. The most affordable way to get your television content in your pocket. No subscription, no data costs, just a one-time purchase of software. Everything is automatic: it’s pocket tv for dummies. And the quality is superb, compared to streaming video. Requirements: Windows Media Center (XP or Vista), 128 Mb memorycard or higher, card-reader or USB cable. Compatible mobile device (see list) Try the Free Demo or Buy the Full Version for $ 34.95 / EUR 29.95 ex. local tax