Nokia N93i – a slim version of the N93

Today the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved a Nokia phone. The model is marked N93i in documentation and N00 on the photo. The model might have the index N00 during certification before the official name confirmation. The letter “i” in the name might stand for Image, as the model is actually an image version of its predecessor. At the first we pay attention to the slimness of the model against the previous N93, the form and the thickness of the keyboard got changed, the external speaker moved from the upper cover to the side of the phone. Thus the upper cover of the revolving part got slimmer too. We could have been wrong to suppose there isn’t an external display, it is concealed with the dark cover. As for the specs, the N93i is a complete analog of the N93, according to the documentation from the FCC site. It doesn’t state info about a miniUSB port, only Pop-Port. So let’s wait for the official announcement of the N93i by the company