mOcean 3 Review For Palm OS!

Hand“You’ve never used an iPod or seen one in action? Let’s go through it then, briefly. Upon launching mOcean, you’re presented with a menu. At the top of the heap is Music, followed by Internet Radio, Podcasts, Audiobooks, Photos, Videos, Random Play, Sync, Tips, Settings, Downloading, My mOcean and Now Playing. You “burrow down” through these menus to get to what it is you’re looking for, which is represented by an attractive sliding animation. To navigate the menus, you can use either the 5-way navigator or the on-screen scroll wheel. In a very nice touch, you can also type a few letters and jump to the corresponding menu item, a feature I’ve been clamoring for in pTunes. But in an irritating oversight, you can’t touch-tap menu items nor drag the scrollbar on the side of the page unless you have the interface set to “Classic” mode. To make a selection, tap the centre button on the wheel, or hit Right on the 5-way. To go back through the menus, you press the onscreen back button or Left on the 5-way. The scroll wheel works just like the famous iPod wheel: move your finger/thumb clockwise to scroll down, or counter-clockwise to go back up. It’s here we run into mOcean’s first major problem… ” Read more here:

NetFront Releases LocationFree Player for Pocket PC

“NetFront LocationFree Player for Pocket PC is an application that supports TV or DVD programs on a Pocket PC device when connected to Sony Corporation’s LocationFree base station via wireless LAN or router. NetFront LocationFree Player for Pocket PC allows you to enjoy TV programs both at home and while you are away from home via the Internet.In addition to supporting images from external devices such as DVD recorders and video cameras, NetFront LocationFree Player for Pocket PC rev. 2.0.0 also features advanced remote functionality, which allows users to operate external devices through their device screen, including playback, stop, or fast-forward.Features You can watch TV program or HDD/DVD on a PocketPC via the base station Advanced remote functionality, allows you to operate external devices through a screen and play-back, stop, or fast-forward Auto rate adjust, to get the best picture according to the communication conditions” Check it here:

Description Nokia Web Browser S60 (OSS Browser)

“Till recently Nokia was dealing only with one major browser-supplier, namely Opera, which armed most of the smartphones with its products. Yet once Nseries stepped into limelight, Nokia set the goal to develop and integrate an application of its own, so that it could outdo Opera’s one. To make the task easier to accomplish, Nokia simply turned to available to all codes of open-source resources and compiled their solution basing off them. The engine of the final version is almost alike that found Apple Safari Browser, though there are several more components used there. Over at Nokia they decided to embed API browser management, connect a couple of additional modules, re-work the interface and merge it with download manager, which is in fact a part of the any operating system used. The given browser is enabled only for handsets running Symbian 9, in other words powered by S60 3ed edition. Several models feature this app as a pre-installed one, for example the N80, on some you will find a default S60 browser with a possibility to replace it with OSS Browser (it’s the old title, used for distinguishing from the standard browser). Functionality-wise the OSS Browser leaves the default one far behind – so let us look into what makes it so supreme. But before doing so, I shall clear up the terminology for you: for the time being, all Symbian 9 S60 handsets incorporate OSS by default, which is specially marked in order to discern that installed on earlier models from the new one. In future exactly this app is going to receive all patches and consequentially reserved space on all upcoming S60-powered handsets. ” Read this great article here: