StyleTap Platform for Windows Smartphones Now Available

StyleTap Inc., a leading innovator in software platforms for PDAs and smartphones, today announced that the preview version of StyleTap Platform for Windows Smartphone is now available.StyleTap Platform enables the world’s largest base of mobile applications – the estimated 30,000 applications written to run on Palm OS – to run on Windows Smartphones, including the new Motorola Moto Q, the T-Mobile Dash and the Samsung Blackjack. These smartphones have experienced very strong sales growth since their introduction last year. However, because they have novel display formats and lack the touchscreens found on traditional Pocket PC devices, relatively little application software is available for these new devices.”The big problem in the mobile world is that it gets more and more fragmented as major vendors bring out more and more devices that are incompatible in large and small ways with the other devices on the market,” said Gregory Sokoloff, CEO of StyleTap Inc., “Software applications that add great utility to these smartphones and PDAs tend to run on a diminishing proportion of these devices, because the developers cannot afford to re-engineer their applications for every new device that appears. The result is bad for consumers who get less useful devices and bad for developers who get smaller markets for their products. StyleTap seeks to counter this trend by enabling a diverse set of devices to run the same software applications with no re-engineering required. We already support the wide variety of Pocket PCs on the market; today we are adding the Smartphone; and in the future we intend to address other popular devices, such as those based on the Symbian OS™.”StyleTap Platform for Windows Smartphone enables most Palm OS applications (including multimedia applications and games) to run, unmodified, on any device running Windows Mobile® 5.0 for Smartphone. The software comes with everything needed to download and run Palm OS applications, and supports cut and paste of text and bitmaps between Windows Mobile applications and Palm OS applications.StyleTap Platform supports the landscape screen orientation favored by many of the newer devices. It also provides a display cursor controlled by the 5-way navigation button as a substitute for a touchscreen.StyleTap Platform for Windows Smartphone can be downloaded for a free 14-day trial at The preview version is a public release intended to solicit feedback from early users on any issues or problems prior to official release. We expect the preview period for StyleTap Platform for Windows Smartphone to be less than 60 days.Users purchasing the preview version during the preview period will get a free upgrade to the official version when it is released.About StyleTap Inc.StyleTap Inc. is a privately-held Canadian software company founded in 2000 to liberate mobile device users from the scarcity of application choices by empowering handheld devices to run thousands more applications. In April 2005, StyleTap released a preview version of StyleTap Platform for Windows Mobile – a robust, high performance software platform that enables Windows Mobile devices to run the thousands of software applications written for Palm OS devices. In October 2006, version 1.0 was released, for Pocket PC phones and PDAs. StyleTap is actively extending its unique technology to run on additional devices and operating systems.For further information, please visit or contact:StyleTap Inc.:Lew ShepherdsonTel: 613-823-7660Email: press at

Sharp SH703i a highquality display and quick access to any functions

“Sharp has designed a 3G FOMA phone for the Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo – the SH703i. The manufacturer calls the design ‘half-metallic” because of the visual partition of the top half. The top part hides an information OLED white backlit display.The SH703i features a high-quality 2.4” mobile ASV LCD display, a 2-megapixel camera, a function to reduce viewing angles and a separate button to access most interesting functions.The short technical specs of the FOMA SH703i:
Dimensions: 102x49x17.9 mm
Weight: 105 g
Main display: 2.4”, 240×320 pixels, low-reflection mobile ASV, 260K colors
External display: 0.8”, 96×39 pixels, monochrome OLED
External memory: microSD cards
External camera: 2-megapixel, CMOS
Internal camera: 110-kpixel, CMOS
Full value web-browser
IrDA port with IrSimple” via

ACCESS Releases NetFront 3.4 Technical Preview for PPC

“NetFront Browser v3.4 for Pocket PC was developed based on standard Internet protocols and supports the latest standard markup languages: HTML (HyperText Markup Language), XHTML (eXtensible HyperText Markup Language), and WAP2.0 (WML1.3).It also can display pages to which CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), ECMAScript (JavaScript), DOM (Document Object Model), or DHTML (Dynamic HTML) has been applied, and provides powerful features similar to a PC browser.System Requirements CPU: ARM compatible CPU, PXA2xx (XScale)/PXA2xx compatible CPU OS: Windows Mobile 5.0 software for Pocket PC (English version) For data storage: Approx. 5.1MB For program execution: Approx. 6.0MB ” Check it here: