No more Sharp Zaurus handhelds!

“Hrw website reports to have received official confirmation from Sharp they are ending the Zaurus line.Although these Linux-based handhelds are not that widespread throughout the world, it is sad to see another “genuine PDA” platform leaving the market. Despite lack of truly new models in the recent years, the Zaurus, thanks to the open OS, large screen and full QWERTY keypad, has always been loved among mobile enthusiasts. According to the above source, the last model will leave the assembly line somewhere next month. Therefore, you should have enough time to get to Japan for a piece of mobile history of your own. P.S. In the picture attached, you can see the Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000, the world’s first handheld with a built-in HDD. Launched in late 2004, it was a clamshell device with a 3.7-inch color VGA screen, full QWERTY keyboard, and plenty of expansion options.” via

imate JAQ3 review at mobiletechreview!

“Sporting every possible feature except a GPS and 3G, the JAQ3 looks like a good buy for the price: it has a landscape QVGA touch screen display (yummy!), front-facing QWERTY keyboard, WiFi 802.11b/g, a 2 megapixel camera and Bluetooth 1.2. The HTC TyT (Cingular 8525) beats it on Bluetooth revision, processor speed and 3G, but that device costs a bit more without a contract. And if you’re a fan of the afore mentioned MS Smartphones or the Treo with the ever-handy front facing keyboard design (look ma, no moving parts), the JAQ3 has that special sauce. So far, Pocket PC phones with static, front-facing keyboards have been cursed with 240 x 240 displays. These are the Windows Mobile Treo 750, Treo 700w, Treo 700wx and the iPAQ hw6515 and hw6945. Power users and gamers lament the loss of 80 pixels in one direction (standard QVGA screens have 240 x 320 resolution), making the JAQ3 attractive. Especially attractive to avid web surfers and spreadsheet users is the landscape display (most PPC phones are designed with portrait mode in mind, though they can switch to landscape). So the JAQ3 mustered lust in our hearts when we first learned of it and saw prototypes. Specs are one thing and the hands-on experience another. We find the release version of the JAQ3 to be good, but definitely short of PDA-phone nirvana.” Read more here:

Review of GSM smartphone Nokia E50

“Now onto the handset itself. Nokia E50 utilizes the candy-bar form-factor with the external antenna being shaved off and is positioned as the most portable Eseries smartphone (113×43.5×15.5 mm). Nokia, as always, is as honest about dimensions of its offerings, as only possible, so that 15.5 mm is the utmost limit of thickness on this handset, while the bottom part is a tad slimmer, measuring up at about 12 mm. Thus the E50 turns out to be the Finnish manufacturer’s slimmest smartphone around, and one of its range’s thinnest offerings.” Read more here: