ASUS S102: a new GPS navigator with MP3

“ASUSTeK Computer has announced the launch of its portable GPS-navigator S102. This small device (110×86.8×20.5 mm, 183 g) will fit to any car interior, says Raymond Lye, the chief of Asus production unit.The S102 is operated with the buttons on the panel and the 3.5” 240×320 touchscreen display, the navigator recognizes manuscript input and voice commands. It locates its position with a GPS SiRF III chipset and a high sensitive built-in antenna. Besides there is a connector for an external antenna. The device supports voice step-by-step instructions. The company promised to add latest maps.The S102 isn’t designed for long travel without a car – its built-in Li-Ion battery will ensure 4 hours of standard use. In addition to its main function the navigator can play MP3-files and display photos. 128 MB (64 MB ROM, 64 MB SDRAM) can be extended with an SD card. Asus hasn’t unveiled the info on the price and release date of the S102.” via

Superior PDF viewing on the road with Pdf+ (symbian review)

Screenshot “My test suite of ten PDFs (from 10k to 1MB, from multiple sources) included four that didn’t work at all in Adobe Reader, whereas Pdf+ handled all ten. The Acrobat (PDF) format, like the Microsoft Office formats, are actually very complex and have changed in many ways over the years – essentially Adobe and Microsoft just can’t stop fiddling with them – with the result that PDFs from different sources can contain all kinds of binary markup, images (in different formats and resolutions) and text (not always properly marked and in multitudes of font sizes and faces) – interpreting these files and rendering them to a smartphone display in an intelligible and useful way isn’t a trivial task.” Read more here:

TomTom Navigator 6 Updated Maps Review For Palm OS

“I inserted the TomTom DVD into my PC and installed the app. Being familiar with the previous version of the TomTom desktop software, I already had my SD card out of my Treo and in my PC’s card reader drive. I selected my regional maps and the program automatically knew which drive letter was my SD card. Installation was speedy and trouble-free. In fact, the whole process was painless until it came time to actually activate the new maps on the Treo. I had to go to and manually activate everything since TomTom’s automated system appears unable to process the newest product codes. I had this problem a few months ago when I was trying to activate my pre-release copy of Navigator 6. The automated system did work, however, when I purchased my own personal copy of the Palm GPS kit in December.” Read more here: