From Barbie to the iPhone

Functionality vs Ease of Use “The near simultaneous announcement of the Apple iPhone and my 7 year old daughter’s misplaced acquisition of a ‘Barbie Touchman’ organizer, both absolute extremes on the ‘Ease of use’ scale, got me thinking…. Where would all the other iconic mobile devices from the last ten or so years fit into a ‘Functionality vs Ease of Use’ chart?The Barbie Touchman first: it’s an utterly horrible, cheaply made pink thing with typical low end text-based organizer functionality. And it’s interface is so appalling that after an hour each with the manual neither my wife nor I could even work out how to change the time. Really.The Apple iPhone: although not even available yet, its interface goals and philosophy have sent a clear message to rest of the industry. Even if the iPhone basically just sells to iPod owners wanting something bigger, better and which rolls in a phone, it’ll do quite well (should it be released outside of the USA).” Read this nice article at