imate Ultimate communicators breakdown

The line of i-mate branded powerhouses going by the name of Ultimate generated some hype at 3GSM Congress. However at that event the company released only general specifications of the range, leaving all details to attendees and their reports. Now images featuring more comprehensive specs of the Ultimate have leaked into the Web – actually, they seem to be a sort of official papers and feel much like data leaked directly from the company’s quarters. While there is still no confirmation of these spec sheets, we are indeed worth checking out.Ultimate 5150 – a sliding communicator armed with a 2,8-inch touch screen. Unlike the side-sliders with a QWERTY-keypad onboard, which are all the rage today, the 5150 sports only a numberpad, measuring up at 117×60,5×19,5 mm.

Ultimate 6150 – a conventional-looking candy-bar packing all the flavor characterizing this series – specifically a 2,8-inch touch sensitive display. The 6150 measures 118,5×60,5×15,7 mm.

Ultimate 7150 feels like a successor to HTC Universal, with its dual-screen interface, boasting a primary 3,8-inch internal touch screen and a 2,2-inch external OLED display. Dimensions – 110x74x18 mm.

Ultimate 8150 – a slime monoblock-shaped communicator with a numberpad. The display is a tad smaller than that of its siblings, measuring only 2,6 inches diagonally, which leads to dimensions of 94x50x11 mm.

Ultimate 9150 – a fold phone coming equipped with a 2,6-inch internal touch screen and a 1,2-inch OLED display on the fascia. Dimensions – 98x50x19 mm.