Moto Tex W6180: Chinese smartphones come to the US market

“The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved a GSM phone W6180. It will be released under Moto-Tex trademark by the American wear distributor. It turned out that the model will be released by a Chinese vendor. From the promo materials of the company we see that the W6180 is built on Windows OS, however the FCC documents do not mention the fact. By the way, both the name and design of Moto-Tex w6180 resemble Motorola handsets.The short technical specs of Moto-Tex W6180:
Dimensions: 88.5×42.5×16.3 mm
Cell networks: GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz
MP3 audio player/MPEG4 video player
Camera: VGA with video capture
Sound: 64-tones polyphony
LCD: 1.8”, TFT, 260K colors
Storage cards: microSD
USB port
Battery: Li-Ion, 650 mAh.” via

Motorola StarTac III MS900 phone, back to the future!

“Announced today in Korea Motorola StarTac III comes with 2 inch 240×320 px, 260K TFT QVGA screen, 128 MB of built-in memory, MP3 player, GPS, Mobile banking, Korean-English dictionary, e-book reader and biorhythm function.Motorola MS900 has dimensions of 89×48.5×19.6 mm, weights 92g, has 160 minutes of talk and up to 300 hours of standby time.However, it seems that Motorola may have gone too retro with StarTac III. First – they did not include camera in otherwise really cool package. Second, there’s no external screen to show the incoming call number, only 3 color LED line to indicate the type of incoming call.It took about a decade for Motorola to repeat the success of original StarTac with RAZR. Let’s see how the new StarTaCIII will do.” via

Linux phone features Treo style keyboard

” A startup in Penang, Malaysia is readying a Linux-based dual-mode WiFi GSM/GPRS phone expected to ship in Q2. Gupp Technologies’s “Phreedom” phone boasts a Treo-style QWERTY keyboard, a 2.5-inch QVGA color screen, and VoWiFi (voice-over-WiFi) capabilities based on the SIP standard. Gupp says the Phreedom targets “consumers and cost-conscious businesses,” which can reduce roaming costs by using VoWiFi when possible, with GSM/GPRS used as a backup. Additionally, the phone offers smartphone features such as Internet browsing, music downloads, and email.

Along with a QWERTY hardware keyboard, the Phreedom has a landscape-mode 2.5-inch QVGA (320×240) LCD display with 265K colors. Connectivity options include an 802.11b/g WiFi radio with WEP, WPA, and 802.11i support, and a “double tri-band” GSM radio apparently supporting 850/1800/1900 MHz and 900/1800/1900 MHz.Additional touted Phreedom features and specs include:
PXA270 processor clocked at 312MHz
Boots from NOR Flash
Combined 320MB flash and SDRAM
2200mAh lithium ion battery
Claimed five hours of talk time in WiFi mode
Claimed 144 hours standby time
4.4 x 2.6 x 0.75 inches (112 x 65 x 19mm)
4.6 ounces (130gm)
Mobile Linux 2.6 kernel
A La Mobile announced last fall that Gupp had licensed its stack for a Linux smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard “similar to the Palm Treo,” A La Mobile CEO Pauline Lo Alker said at the time. The phone was also expected to use a VoIP stack from Hellosoft. Blogger Jeff Pulver, of, stated, “The convergence of VoIP and mobile has been a long time coming and while many barriers still remain, innovative organizations like GUPP are paving the way towards the development and availability of true dual-mode phones.” via

Review of GSM/UMTS handset Motorola Z6

“Putting Motorola RIZR and the Z6 side be side you’ll see that they are actually twins. As for the design there are no differences at all, only the rim of functional and numeric keys has changed a bit and metallic surface of the Z6 is chrome-coated, rather than soft touch found on previous model. As if in an effort to emphasize the fact that shell is made of metal the company releases only one trim at the beginning, but more color schemes are to come, generally it will strongly depend on sales and popularity of the handset. For the time being the device comes in black as well. Such color causes certain associations, with the fashion-charged Nokia 8800, for example. It is strange, but looking at the photos one could barely notice a slightest similarity between them or even consider them as comparable. But in reality, a good half of fashionable people tended to compare this handset with Nokia 8800. At that, Nokia not always came out on top.” Read more about this nice phone here:

More Slimmest Mobile LCD Screen Announced

“Samsung has developed the thinnest reported LCD panel, one no thicker than a credit card at 0.74mm.Just three months back, the slimmest LCD screen at 0.82 mm was officially announced by Samsung. It is now become slimmer again at 0.74 mm now. With all the slimmest phone offered by Samsung, we have no doubt in Samsung capability.The company has developed a new mobile technology, which it is calling, “i-Lens”, for integrating the entire panel assembly, including a protective layer, into a single, thinner module that will be more shock-resistant and easier to read than conventional panels.” via