Treo 755p Shows Up on Sprint Schedule

“A thread on the SprintUsers forums has revealed some potentially new information concerning the rumored Palm OS CDMA follow-up device to the 700p. The post purportedly contains upcoming Sprint handset launches for April and May. Included in the list is the Palm Treo 755p. Previous Sprint documents have shown a codenamed Treo Sherlock due in June. Assuming the posted/leaked information is correct, the 755p will indeed be the first CDMA Treo with an internal antenna. EVDO, instant messaging, native voice dialing (finally!) and a vague feature referred to as “mobile voice control” are also listed among the standard features. Presumably the unit will share a similar form-factor as the recently released Treo 680 & 750. The date targeted for launch is May 14th 2007 and, as previously rumored, burgundy and blue housing colors will be available. No word as of yet on pricing of availability on Verizon or other domestic CDMA carriers. Lending credibility to the post is the fact that the poster r0fl also lists prices for some of the other upcoming handsets. Also no word as of yet if a 320×320 Windows Mobile 6-powered spinoff version will be released. It’s conceivable that such a device could be in the works but with a later release date as Palm and Microsoft iron out some of the initial WM6 kinks. ” via