LG's Shine Review at SlashPhone.com!

” With Chocolate a runaway success, LG’s follow-up handset lands to high expectations. There’s no doubting that it’s a sexy little beast, and the innovative scroll wheel promises to make navigation a doddle, but can this cellphone be as sweet as its minimalist predecessor?First things first; man, this is a gorgeous phone. From that headline-catching mirrored display to the brushed metal body and pleasing heft, it’s not only attractive but feels well put together, too. The slide action flicks out with a solid click, and while I’m sure the first time you drop it will inevitably be a heart-in-mouth moment I would be very surprised if you did any real damage.Let’s stick with the positives for a little while longer. LG’s interface, something I wasn’t familiar with, is straightforward to navigate and, while interesting to look at, doesn’t sacrifice usability for visual flourish. The 2.2-inch, QVGA screen is clear and colourful, and visibility suffers very little from that reflective coating; photographing it, however, is another matter, and it proved very difficult to get reasonable pictures for this review. In use, though, it fares far better.” Read more here:

Nokia 7390 review: Fully loaded glamour

” It is when mobile phones are evaluated that their looks are the most ambivalent characteristic to describe. That is why we prefer only to state that the darker version of Nokia 7390 is probably also the least controversial one in the entire L’Amour collection. In the course of the discussions in our office some colleagues expressed the opinion that Nokia 7390 is not suitable for men; I cannot agree, though. Of course, a gentleman would hardly pull out a pink-white phone from his pocket, but the other version in bronze-black would surely suit both ladies and gentlemen. Not to mention that the device may also be used as a luxurious accessory with dark clothes.” Read more here: