Philips Cellphone Supports AAA Battery Use

Philips Cellphone Supports AAA Battery Use Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review“Philips has a new cell phone called the Xenium NRG that promises to extend our talk time by use of the ubiquitous and readily available AAA battery. Philips says that by slipping one AAA into the phone you can extend talk time up to three hours.AAA batteries are not the primary power source for the Xenium (sounds more like an Intel CPU than a cell phone) but rather the primary power is a standard rechargeable cell we typically see in phones. The AAA slot is for backup in case you go dead while out and about since AAA batteries are available in just about every store around. The AAA backup feature isn’t supposed to affect the size or performance of the phone at all. To make things cooler is that if you use a rechargeable AAA battery when you charge your phone I t will charge the AAA too.” via