Verizon gets RIM BlackBerry 8830 Cyclone CDMA/GSM

“There have been rumors for a while, but these are the first real and high-resolution photos of the new RIM BlackBerry 8830, codename Cyclone, which Verizon Wireless will offer as its World Edition smartphone – a hybrid that operates in both CDMA and GSM networks. The first will be used for domestic calls in Verizon’s network, while the GSM will work in overseas networks.The BlackBerry 8830 Cyclone looks like a 8800 cloning but in silver instead of black. Just like it, Cyclone will have QVGA display, microSD slot and will lack camera, but the relatively slow 2G EDGE of its GSM-only cousin will be replaced by the 3G CDMA EV-DO.” via