WiFiMobile Launches Mobile VOIP Application for Nokia S60 Devices

WiFiMobile.gif “WiFi Mobile launched a new feature for the S60 Handsets; a mobile VOIP, which enables customers to to make free calls to each other over Wi-Fi regardless of location. Mobile VOIP calls can also be made where no Wi-Fi connection is available by utilizing a network operator data plan.You can pick up this little add on at www.wifimobile.com; and while you’re their check out the premium service that permits calls to be made to ordinary landlines or mobile phones at heavily discounted costs. Configuration is automatic and easy, no more manually configuring to make a call.Another cool feature lets you use your S60 as an extension to your corporate line. This allows IT/Telecom Managers to carefully control their company’s continuously escalating mobile phone costs. IT Managers can do this at the touch of a button. ” via mobilewhack.com

Natara DayNotez 3 Released For Palm OS!

“Your Palm device has done a wonderful job replacing your old paper planner for scheduling and to-do’s. But, where did your dailey journalling page go? Your diary of thougts for each day? The one where you recorded the days events, journaled your ideas, and tracked your thoughts. The standard memo application has little organization options. And other offerings add little above this.Natara comes to the rescue with DayNotez, a Palm OS journal application with all the features you need to organize your record of events and thoughts on a daily basis.Features: Four views into your notes (Journal Page, List, Calendar, and Edit). Organize and filter your entries using color coded categories and tags. Multiple entries per day with Text, Photos and Voice memo support. Time stamped entries with auto-rounding preferences Track your time usage with entry duration. Create a To Do from an entry . Import To Dos , Events and Memos. Support for private entries. Quick entry templates. Beam an entry to a friend. Supports both a local and the global find command Supports 160×160, 320×320, 320×480 resolutions. HandsHigh Slap friendly” Buy this great program here: