Pioneer AVIC S2 GPS Navigation System Steers Consumers in the Right Direction

WiFiMobile.gif“Pioneer today introduces the compact AVIC-S2, a powerful, yet simple, on-the-go GPS navigation system that offers advanced route guidance and the hottest bonus features including MP3 playback and Bluetooth compatibility. “The AVIC-S2 is the ideal travel companion. Consumers get three of the best features they look for in a portable device; a full navigation system, MP3 playback, and Bluetooth hands-free,” said Karen Rubin, director of marketing and product planning for navigation products at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. Profile: In a package equivalent to the size of a wallet (approx. 3.5” X 4” X 0.7”), users get map coverage of the entire U.S. and Canada along with 1.7 million restaurants, shopping centers and other points of interest via the TeleAtlas database preloaded in the included 1 GB SD card. A built-in SiRF Star III GPS module and antenna make the system more accurate so drivers get where they need to go without stopping to ask for directions. The 3.5-inch touch panel provides a colorful and easy to read map. Innovative graphical user interface and 2D and 3D view modes give users a clear understanding of expected turns and exits. Furthermore, advanced map compression technology allows for effortless scroll and zoom of the map. On each trip, the system presents a route overview and allows users to change the route itinerary. This is particularly helpful when the user wants to avoid certain roads or areas. Helpful Extras: The AVIC-S2 has Bluetooth v1.2 technology, enabling hands-free operation of cell phones. Users with Bluetooth-enabled phones can store their contacts in the system and make and receive calls through the AVIC-S2’s built-in speaker, microphone and touch screen, eliminating the need to pull the phone out of a pocket or purse to make a call. It also functions as an audio player. MP3 music files stored on an SD card can be plugged directly to the side of the unit. The system displays all music information and let users customize their sound through its built-in 10-band equalizer with presets for 10 different genres of music. The AVIC-S2 is available for a suggested price of $399 beginning late April ‘07.” via

Review of The Quest For Pocket PC!

Sp3220070418134139“For the past two months now our whole family – my partner, me and our 10 year old – has been totally engaged with Rwdshift’s latest RPG – The Quest. And most rightly so, as this latest release from the people who have been dedicating their skills and efforts for more than five years now to developing serious Role Playing Games for the mobile community (Palm, PPC and Symbian), including the well-renowned Legacy is nothing but amazing.The story begins with a short and deliberately obscure introduction – Hume, the governor of the island of Freymore has disappeared lately, rumors being he is either sick or missing, and as disorder spreads across the small island, Mersant, the king, decides to send a special agent to investigate into the matters. By a strange request of the councillor of the Magic Ministry this special agent has to be you – a new recruit with little skill and no real knowledge of the island.In the tradition of classic role playing games you start your quest by “building” your own character – selecting its gender (male or female), race (out of five options) and special skills. These initial choices of yours would later determine not only your battle tactics (e.g. relying more on magic if you belong to one of the magically inclined races) and some of the story developments and branches, but in some cases (such as that of the undead race – Rasvim)your whole way of living (undead, for example, can not gain regular health points and need special potions to cure themselves).” Read this review here: