Samsung First to Mass Produce 16Gb NAND Flash Memory

“Samsung Electronics has become the first to begin mass producing 16 gigabit (Gb) NAND flash, the highest capacity memory chip now available. The company said it will fabricate the devices in 51 nanometers (nm), the finest process technology to be used in memory mass production to date.The new 16Gb chip which has a multi-level cell (MLC) structure can facilitate capacity expansion by offering 16 gigabytes (GBs) of memory in a single memory card. Furthermore, by applying the new process technology, Samsung has accelerated the chip’s read and write speeds by approximately 80 percent over current MLC data processing speeds.Samsung will offer an optimized suite of Flash software and firmware-incorporated storage devices for music phones and MP3 players to support 4KB pages. It also will provide a multi-plane performance optimization feature and wear-leveling for improved reliability. Memory cards and MP3 controllers to support the 4KB-page are already available.Technology migration to 16Gb is expected to boost the recent explosive demand for high-density data storage in high-end music phones and the phenomenal trend toward user created content (UCC). As the demand for video content grows stronger by the day, products that feature extended recording time of high-resolution video footage, including mid-to-high-range digital cameras, will particularly benefit from the high capacity and performance of 16Gb NAND flash memory.” via

M500: handset in your wristwatch!

“SMS Technology Australia has introduced an offbeat device: a waterproof watch phone M500. It has already made it through FCC – the device, as the maker claims, offers a complete suite of calling features, enables you to send SMS, supports Java and WAP. The M500 will come in black or silver with leather wristlet.Spec sheet for the M500: GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz 1,5-inch touch display with 120×160-pixel resolution Memory – 128 Mb microSD memory expansion slot Bluetooth 2.0, USB connectivity MP3/MP4-player 400 mAh battery Weight- 60 grams Talk time – up to 200 minutes Standby time – up to 80 hours ” via