Review of GSM communicator HTC Touch (Elf)

“HTC Elf is the first device to utilize a brand-new, never seen before, controls system. It might sound odd, but it is only now when the makers have finally come to realize the true potential behind touch-screens and the evident stylus-less device management concept. Though, the question is, to implement this scheme, some efforts should be made.The first thing you run into, apart from very portable dimensions – the screen surface. We have already come to expect it to be recessed into the casing, which is due to several reasons: first, for the sake of its safety, and then to reduce the number of scratches and scuffs it picks up. In the Elf however, it is not. The display’s surface is mounted flush with the front fascia. Apparently, it’s been made not for design’s sake alone, but also to make for easier stylus-less device management. ” Read more here:

Hand Reading for Win Mobile 6 Classic & Professional updated to v1.3

Hand“It’s all in your hands! This hand reading software will guide you to self-understanding with many simple and entertaining image tests. Learn Hand Analysis / Reading with your PDA. Surprise and impress your friends. Discover more about yourself. Entertain your family or even read other people’s hands and know more about them.Hand Reading Pro Features:1) Tuned for 2003, 2003SE and 2005 devices.1) VGA, QVGA and Square (240×240. Eg: Treo 700w) resolutions.2) You can set up to 3 completely different users at the same time!3) Fully supports all newest pdas. (Treo 700w, VGA, WM2005)-06/June/2007 UPDATE (1.3) —* Fully compartible with Windows Mobile 6 Classic and Professional (2006)* New resolution supported. 320×320 (For future Treo WM6 phones)* Minor bugs fixed” Check it here:

What Is the Treo 800w?

Toshiba PHS WX320T Personal Handyphone System “The first unconfirmed report has emerged of what might be Palm’s next smartphone.An unnamed source on HowardForums has posted what is supposedly a timetable of upcoming releases for Verizon. This lists a previously unknown device, the Palm Treo 800w.If this information is correct, this model will launch on September 13, after having been moved back from August 27.No additional information is available on this Treo, aside from what is apparently its code-name: Vincent. However, the “w” in the product name almost certainly indicates that this model will run Windows Mobile, rather than the Garnet OS.It’s possible the Treo 800w will be the replacement for the Treo 700wx, a model Verizon began offering almost a year ago.If this is true, then the 800w will probably run Windows Mobile 6 Professional, the latest version of this operating system. The earlier Verizon model uses Windows Mobile 5.In addition, it’s likely this will be a model in Palm’s new line of smaller, antenna-less smartphones created for CDMA carriers, including Verizon and Sprint. The other models in this line — the Treo 680, 750, and 755p — either use GSM (a different type of network) or use the Garnet operating system (formerly called Palm OS Garnet).” via

First Ever Mobile Television Handset With Smartcard Profile Protection Demonstrated at Computex Taipei 2007

First-Ever Mobile Television Handset With Smartcard Profile Protection Demonstrated at Computex Taipei 2007
“The world’s first mobile TV handset with Smartcard profile, the Gigabyte GSmart t600, was demonstrated at Computex Taipei 2007. The GSmart t600 is the first multi-standard TV/PDA phone with integrated support for DVB-T, DVB-H and DMB.Featuring a 2.6″ touch-panel display, the t600 offers quad-band GSM connectivity allowing you to operate it in five continents. The 260k-color VGA screen is something not seen before on PDA phones. Gigabyte claims a talk time of up to 3 hours, and stand-by of 150 hours.With 256MB ROM and 64MB RAM, the GSmart t600 offers a microSD memory card slot for expansion. At the heart of the t600 is a Marvell PXA270 520MHz processor. Other goodies on the device include TV-OUT, Bluetooth 2.0, mini USB connector and WLAN 802.11b/g. It runs Windows Mobile 6.” via