EB Menlow UMPC Linux platform!

MB_UMPC.png “EB has launched a new UMPC hardware platform which is built around the Intel Menlow platform. The new platform is the first to be specially developed for a UMPC. The device will run Linux and will use a processor called ‘Silverthorne’. Using the new platform, the UMPC will receive a longer battery life with a sub 4W drain. Features of this tiny, stylish computer will include a large 4.8″ high resolution screen, Mobile WiMax and HSDPA connectivity. GPS capabilites will also be integrated.” via mobilewhack.com

Mio A702 PDA Phone with GPS!

“The Mio A702 is a high-end PDA phone equipped with GPS function, a 3.2 Mega Pixel with autofocus, a movie player and an MP3 player. All these features are built into one device and it is distinctively smaller than conventional bulky PDA phone.The Mio A701 comes with Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional edition, providing access to the Internet as well as Windows Office functions such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint. It also has Bluetooth and WiFi module built in. The A702’s functions are activated by using a stylus or the keypad. The large 2.7-inch screen can be switched between landscape and portrait at the user’s discretion. Mio A701 gives the user the ability to synchronize contacts and calendar entries contained in the phone to those in Outlook. The pda phone also eqiups with a new SiRFDiRect based Navsteadi high-precision navigation technology. Navsteadi brings in-dash like positioning accuracy and reliability to portable navigation systems.”More photos here: