SonyEricsson M610i gets FCC approval!

“Sony Ericsson’s forthcoming M610I aka the Elena seems like a hot piece of hardware with the list of specs that were uncovered in the FCC filing. The M610I will connect via Tri-Band GSM 900/1800/1900, UMTS, WiFi along with Bluetooth among some standard features that may pique your interest. A 3.2-megapixel camera is always a hot selling point and a 2.6-inch QVGA screen isn’t too shabby, either. Onboard storage is critical for a phone with such a high resolution camera and 160MB of storage isn’t great, but it should get the job done. I’m assuming there will be an external expansion slot or else the SE team has already gone off the deep end in which case they should all be fired. Hopefully a few more enticing specs will be revealed in a month when the user manual is available to the public.” via

Spb Mobile Shell 1.5 For Pocket PC Reviewed!

“With the latest Spb Mobile Shell, it provides a more user-friendly interface with a whole new makeover for your Windows Mobile device. During the installation, you will now have the selection between 2 versions of the ‘Now Screen’, ‘Classic’ and ‘Professional’. ‘Classic’ is identical with the previous version, 1.0 and the ‘Professional’ can display additional appointments and alarms. Also, as seen in the image above, the ‘Now Screen’ now also serves as lockscreen. This is indeed a splendid feature as it protects our devices from accidental dialing, which can prove annoying at times. With the new Spb Menu customization implemented, you will now be able to customize your look on your Spb Menu. You decide which menu to publish and which not to publish. With the total control of your Spb Menu, you are able to make your device look neat and tidy. Unlike the previous version, everything is fixed and you are not able to change the looks of the menu, so with this newer version, Spb would like to give us more control to our device’s looks.” Read more about this great program here:

Nokia Eseries E61i and E65 Business Devices Available in U.S

Nokia E61i Business Phone “The business user category is a very significant one, and I might add here that BlackBerry is ruling this category when it comes to cell phones that pack a lot of features. Nokia’s E-series of cell phones are another set of business phones and they will now be available across the US through several channels.The Nokia E61i and Nokia E65 come with tons of business applications and processes. Starting with superior voice quality, these dual-mode phones offer ease of connectivity through wireless LAN support. Nokia provides the Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite 8.0 mobileware platform allowing the IT department in your office to deploy, provision, secure and manage the devices over-the-air. Remote device locking and data-wiping can be done as well, for added security in case the phone is lost or stolen.Additional software include media players, quick access to travel/weather/news info and camera with video capabilities.Nokia E61i (pictured) and Nokia E65 will retail for US $400. Available through, Gateway, and other retailers (prices may vary, of course).” via

Motorola RIZR Z8 Review at allaboutsymbian!

 “The 2.2 inch, QVGA, 16 million colour screen is the hardware highlight of the Z8. It provides bright and vibrant pictures with much greater depth and saturation than many other mobile device screens. Outside, the available viewing angle is much reduced, but is easily viewable in all but the very brightest conditions. With quad-band GSM, 2100 MHz WCDMA and HSDPA support, the Z8 has good cellular connectivity. The 3G bands are European only, but since the Z8 is only going to be officially made available in Europe and Asia, this is not a major concern. Motorola have not ruled out a US variant, but there’s no definitive news. Bluetooth is available for local connectivity and there is full support for stereo audio in the form of A2DP and AVRCP profiles.” Read this nice review here: