Mail for Exchange for Nokia N95 now!

desc “Nokia has released an update of Mail for Exchange. This application enables communication of smartphones with Microsoft Exchange corporate servers (mail sync, calendar events, contacts) via ActiveSync protocol.The version was updated to N-series devices, at least the N95 download catalog now contains Mail for Exchange. The new version supports PointSec4 and can synchronize fields of VoIP-contacts, OMA DM can set “Always-On” even when password is missing (the user can add password manually, or at first manual sync attempt the user will be prompted for password). Besides the new version contains error corrections.Here you can download Mail for Exchange.” via

“Palm OS II” Pushed Back to 2008

“In May of this year, Palm, Inc. announced that it is developing its own operating system that will be based on Linux, but also include important parts of the Garnet OS (formerly Palm OS Garnet). At that time, the company said that the first devices running this operating system — usually referred to as Palm OS II — would debut late this year. Palm now says it’s not going to meet that deadline.During a recent conference call, CEO Ed Colligan said “Products based on the new Linux-based platform that we’re working on, that won’t be until some time next year.”This will leave Palm forced to continue to make models based on the Garnet OS and Windows Mobile.After the initial announcement of Palm OS II, some questioned Palm’s commitment to Windows Mobile. These people wondered whether Palm would put its entire focus on models running its own operating system, rather than one created by Microsoft.According to Colligan, his company is going to continue to use Windows Mobile and Garnet OS/Palm OS II for the foreseeable future.The company’s reasoning for this is straightforward: it’s what its customers want. At this point, nearly 50% of the Treo smartphones sold run Windows Mobile.Palm sees its two operating systems meeting different needs. “We see Windows Mobile particularly playing more strongly in the enterprise, medium businesses, and internationally, and our Palm OS products being more consumer based,” said Colligan.Colligan also said Palm will release both Windows Mobile and Palm OS devices before the end of the year.” via

Hands on with Palms Foleo reinforces niche nature

“If Palm were hoping for a rapturous welcome for their Foleo smartphone-companionthen they were probably sorely disappointed. Opinions on the compact emailing/surfing device have ranged from “nice, but is there a market?” to “they’ve seriously lost their way and are no longer contenders”. We don’t quite feel as strongly as that, but all the same it’s good to hear some hands-on feedback from your friend and mine, Kevin C. Tofel, after he played with the Foleo at the Digital Experience show.Apparently Kevin is resolutely “not the target customer” in Palm’s opinion; that’s him as typifying someone wanting a far extended portable experience beyond the scope of a smartphone, not as an individual (I hope!), since the company is targeting the Foleo at “mobile professionals” who’re pretty much looking for a bigger keyboard and Excel-friendly screen.” Read more here:

Neonode puts Neonode N2 on the market with a party in Athens!

Neonode, the Swedish developer of mobile devices and pioneer in buttonless, touchscreen mobile phones, celebrates the availability of the new Neonode N2 with a party in Athens on Thursday together with its regional distribution partner MyPhone. On Thursday the 5th of July Neonode will hold a global launch party of the new Neonode N2 mobile phone at Babae club in Athens together with MyPhone S.A., its distributor for south-eastern Europe with operators such as Vodafone and Wind as customers. About 800 people from the mobile phone industry, media and selected VIP´s will attend the party to celebrate the availability of the Neonode N2. The party also includes performances from artists such as Goin´ Through. “We will celebrate the public availability of the Neonode N2 in south-eastern Europe with a grand party in the thrilling city of Athens. We are truly delighted that we could have the launch party in Greece since we have experienced tremendous interest for the product in this region of Europe”, said Tommy Hallberg, CEO of Neonode AB. Neonode showcased its new mobile phone, the Neonode N2, at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona to critical acclaim. The company was recently named to the annual FierceWireless “Fierce 15” list, designating it as one of the top wireless companies of the year. Based on their creativity and innovations in the marketplace, FierceWireless found Neonode to be amongst the “fiercest”.”We are very proud to be the host of Neonode´s global launch of Neonode N2. This as well as the general availability of the Neonode N2 in south-eastern Europe, is something we feel really worth celebrating”, said George Skarpelis, Chairman of MyPhone S.A.Neonode N2 will be available in south-eastern Europe this summer in selected shops. In addition, Neonode is currently finalizing distribution agreements for the Neonode N2 in the rest of Europe and other major markets.

TMobile BlackBerry 8320 Sept 07! WiFi Confirmed!

“T-Mobile’s 8320 WILL have WIFI capability! However, we’ll have to wait until around September”8320 rumored specs:# 3.2 megapixel camera (or better)# Flash improvement and 6x digital zoom# 3.5 mm Headset Jack# External microSD slot# Wi-Fi capable# 64MB of memory# Streaming media support# 4.5 hours of talk time/17 days of standby# Stereo Bluetooth# Windows Media DRM & MTP# Black or semi Black to be available at later date.# Top and rear loudspeaker# Motion Lock# High speed USB# Improved build qualityEdit: As mentioned above this is “From our source” – one of them. The photo and specs were cut and paste of an email tip sent to us. Although previous posts on PinStack indicate that the 8320’s only serious new feature will be WiFi over the 8300… the above photo does reveal a noticable differnce in the camera’s design and thus our decision to post the specs listed in the email we received. Thus far there’s not been any inacurate rumors posted from us; a quick search of past rumors originating from PinStack is proof enough. However, bear in mind the definition of rumors.” via