HTC Omni Revealed: UMPC Like, But Runs Windows Mobile 6

“The rumors about the upcoming HTC Omni communicator have been flying around the Web for a few months now. And from some leaked details and specs, HTC Omni sounded like a very interesting mobile gadget.Well, it looks that they were true. Today we’ve got our hands on what appears to be genuine HTC 2007 roadmap presentation with some rendered pictures and more detailed specs for HTC Omni. And we are impressed.HTC Omni does not have it’s designated number yet and is planned to be launched this October.HTC Omni specs that we know about today are:
Windows Mobile 6.0 OS
UMTS/HSDPA connectivity
WVGA 4″ 800×480 px display, subdisplay
TV and VGA out
256 ROM, 1280 RAM and microSD memory card slot
Wi-Fi b/g, USB and Bluetooth connectivity
Full QWERTY keyboard
Dimensions: 130 x 81 x16 mm” via

Sony Ericsson confirms firmware update for P990i and W950i

“Sony Ericsson P990 and W950 users will be pleased to hear that there will be another firmware update for their phones available shortly as mentioned in this SE Developer World Forum thread. The updates will be made available in August. Credit to Sony Ericsson for listening to their users in this matter. Here’s the official response: “In response to recent feedback from users and as a result of additional internal testing, Sony Ericsson has determined to offer a further firmware update for the P990 and W950 Walkman phone. This move illustrates Sony Ericsson’s ongoing commitment to its existing ‘smartphone’ customers and the company’s desire to be responsive to customer feedback in order to provide an optimal user experience. The next firmware release for the P990 and W950 will be available from the Sony Ericsson Update Service from August 2007.” via

NTT DoCoMo Unveils 3G FOMA 704i Series

NTT DoCoMo announced today the development of the attractively designed 704i Series of eight 3G FOMA handsets, featuring the slim mobile TV-capable D704i and SH704i and LG Electronics’ “chocolate” design L704i.The series meets a wide variety of mobile needs, depending on the model, including “One-segment” terrestrial digital broadcasting, High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA), international roaming (3G/GSM/GPRS), “Uta-hodai” full-track music downloads, waterproof design and much more.The D704i and SH704i provide anytime access to “One-segment” terrestrial digital broadcasts. The F704i is a slender waterproof phone with 3G international roaming capability. The L704i is the global “LG chocolate phone” that enables fast music downloads using HSDPA technology and roaming on 3G, GSM and GPRS networks. The P704i with Smart Flash is capable of remarkably beautiful pictures, even in poor light, and is compatible with the Uta-hodai service allowing full-track music downloads from i-mode™ sites for a flat monthly subscription fee. The SO704i has nine optional Style-Up panels that illuminate for incoming calls or mail, or when the phone has been closed. The N704iμ and P704iμ (pronounced “i-mew”) are 11.4-mm, extra-slim W-CDMA clamshell handsets that still have room for plenty of features, including 3G international roaming.The F704i, SO704i, N704iμ and P704iμ will be available this month. The D704i and SH704i will go on sale by the end of August. The P704i will be launched by the end of September and the L704i will be available in October.” via

Mio prepping P360, P560 PDA / GPS units

] “Mio is preparing two new PDA’s with GPS support; the P360 and P560. We have very few details right now but it is expected that these two models will be replacing the P350 and P550 of last year. Both P360 and P560 will run Windows Mobile 6. The new models feature Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth 2.0, and an embedded GPS antenna. You get an SD/MMC slot for memory expansion, mini-USB connector for syncing your data and charging, and a microphone. LCD touchscreen on the front is the only user interface to the device, other than the GPS mapping application button and the button that takes you directly to your contacts… via We can’t help but say: OMG is this the new iPhone killer!?!?!!!!” via

Editorial: 10 Rounds with the iPhone

“With all the bells, whistles and doodads that are part and parcel of the modern cellphone, it’s sometimes easy to forget that you have to use these things for talking, too. Fortunately for all of us, it’s easy to declare a winner in this category: it’s the Treo by a wide margin, almost purely by the virtue of one simple thing: buttons. Real, honest-to-god physical buttons that you can feel without needing to look. Touchscreens are fantastic – in fact, I can’t see myself ever buying a device without one again – but they are not the be-all and end-all. iPhone in particular is going to require two-handed usage more often than phones with buttons. This is a completely unavoidable situation on a control surface with no tactile feedback. No getting around it.”Read more here: