Review of GSM handset Motorola L9

“The new SLVR L9 measures the same tiny 113.5х49х11.5 mm as its predecessors. With no extras onboard it weights 98 grams, while with a SIM card this value increases up to 100 grams (compared to 96 grams before). Nevertheless this difference won’t be unbearable for your hands – in fact, you will feel nothing special, the handset still gives you a tactile feeling of a solid and by no means weightless phone. But again, it’s mostly a pleasant heavy feel, and on top of that the cold metal makes all the difference – the casing does feel like made of metal, no tricks here.” Read more here:

Krome, New Palm OS Treo Email Application Released

“Krome is a new email application for Palm OS and it has a great interface- hopefully it plays as well as it looks-Krome is an easy-to-use email application for Treo cell phones. Email on your Treo has never been easier than with Krome’s streamlined user interface. Guided setup process gets you to your email fast. Integrated small font support lets you view more of your email at a glance. Advanced network support lets you read and create email while new emails are being downloaded. Krome’s email experience is designed to be fast and responsive to minimize your downtime and maximize your productivity. FeaturesLook up email addresses from your Treo contacts. Store email on your Treo SD card. Gain easy access to IMAP and POP3 email accounts. Easily read email from multiple IMAP folders. Try Krome free for 30 days.”Check it here: