Live pics of Nokia N95 with 8GB!

“We’ve recently mentioned Nokia’s plans to launch an 8GB N95 smartphone (the profile of the model available on the manufacturer’s site). The new device is rumored to be packed in a black shell and positioned as a music solution on the fist place.Now the source offers first live pics of the device – no details so far. It didn’t confirm the info on the lack of GPS-functionality. I’d remind you that the original Nokia N95 slider was released this spring. It has a strong set of features – a 5-megapixel camera, GPS, wireless modules and 160 MB of internal memory.” via

Qwerty smartphones head to head: the Nokia E61i, Treo 750 and HTC S620

“I found it very thought provoking having Steve Jobs stand up at the start of the year and dismiss all smartphones because of ‘their bottom halves, all that plastic’. He’s got a point, of course, many operations on a smartphone don’t involve the keyboard, but there are still plenty that do. Especially if you’re big on email, SMS or Instant Messaging. In which case QWERTY rules.All three examples of the genre above have their good points. The Treo 750 shines with its well-thought out stylus/keyboard design, the best of both worlds, but the small screen, lack of Wi-Fi and high price are downers. The HTC 620 is the cheapest but also the most limited, out of the box, in almost every way. The Nokia E61i sails out ahead as the clear winner though, by a country mile, with both 3G and Wi-Fi, the best camera, the best battery life, arguably the best applications and plenty of free/bundled add-ons.” Read this nice comparison here:

New Version of Google Maps for Palm OS Released

“Google has quietly released an updated version of their popular Google Maps Mobile app for Palm OS-based devices. While Google’s mobile map page does not indicate actual version numbers, a download and quick check of the Palm OS PRC file does indicate that a new version, has been posted within the past few days. On the Google Mobile Maps Treo-specific page, Google hints at speed enhancements in this latest version, along with real-time traffic reports and detailed directions. Google also touts “shorter startup time” and “stylus integration” as enhancements in this latest version of the app. A quick run through the updated version of the app does indeed validate Google’s performance improvement claims. Additionally, several new icons have been added to the top of the scren permitting quick access to location and business search as well as direction request and the taffic info toggle button. Google Mobile Maps can be freely downloaded from within Blazer and installed on a Treo without Hotsyncing due to an integrated auto-installer. GMM is compatible with all Palm OS Treos from the 650 onward and requires ~366k of available device memory. ” via

Motorola MING update with Windows Mobile?

“We’ve got confirmation now on some details regarding Motorola’s MING handset that is headed here to the states. In a weird twist of fate, the MING won’t run the popular JUIX operating system, but will in fact run Windows Mobile. The reason for the change, as we’ve been told, is that JUIX can not support 3G right now. Motorola has barely even started development on it actually. Another reason the Motorola RAZR 2 (V9) (that’s due to launch on AT&T) will run Synergy and not JUIX; no 3G love just yet.” via