iPhone nano on the cards

Apple Patent Filing “Apple’s recent patent filings seem to indicate that it may have a new device on the cards soon. If the filings are interpreted correctly, it appears to be an iPhone in the iPod nano’s form factor. What this boils down to is a device capable of just two functions: a phone and a music player.Sure, the iPhone is already out there, but if conceived, the iPhone nano with its smaller screen and a UI that people are already familiar with will put Apple in an enviable position. Don’t expect this to have a higher capacity though: it could be the same 4/8GB as the iPhone offers now.” via mobilewhack.com

RIM BlackBerry 8830 World Edition Review

BlackBerry 8830 “What makes the 8830 so special is the fact that it’s one of the few smartphones that offers support for both CDMA and GSM cellular-wireless networks. This means customers using Sprint and Verizon (both CDMA carriers) can now make calls outside the U.S., where all other networks use GSM. If that isn’t enough to get your attention, the 8830 also serves as your multimedia player with support for MP3 music files, video, and digital photos.It’s currently available from both Verizon Wireless and Sprint; this review is of the Verizon version.As previously mentioned, the 8830 is virtually identical in appearance to the older BlackBerry 8800. The new sibling features a stylish silver and chrome exterior, but uses the same center-mounted trackball and full 35-key QWERTY keyboard as the 8800. Of course, many users will wish the 8830 didn’t inherit the keyboard from its predecessor. While the keyboard is useful for typing complete emails it’s hardly a joy to use. Unlike some other BlackBerry smartphones that have firm keys with clear separation, the keys on the 8830 (like the 8800) are “squishy” and are so close together that I often found myself pressing multiple keys while trying to press a single key.” Read more here:

BlackBerry with WiFi certified by FCC

“The first BlackBerry communicator with Wi-Fi is said to be approved by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The device is much rumored about, besides some spy pics are already in the net. It is supposed to be a successor to BlackBerry 8800, i.e. equipped with a QWERTY-keyboard and a 320×240 landscape oriented display.According to the FCC documents, the new communicator works in GSM/EDGE 850/1900 MHz networks (supposed to be tested), has Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g, Bluetooth interface and a microSD-slot. Not surprisingly, the FCC site hasn’t posted the photos of the device, so we have only a scheme. The release is expected by the end of this year.” via mobile-review.com

Dopod Smartphone Users to Enjoy the Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade

“HTC and Dopod is releasing Windows Mobile 6 Professional upgrade to few of the Dopod pocket pc phone. The Dopod D810 will get the upgrade from July 10, follow by Dopod 838pro from July 12, Dopod P800w from July 13 and lastly Dopod U1000 from July 20.The software update website is now opened, you can access it via the link here:While you are upgrading to Windows Mobile 6, here are the things you need to know Upgrading the ROM Code erases all of personal data and custom-installed applications from the device. Make sure all of your personal information and data are backed up to your PC via ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center. After updating the ROM, copy the data back to your mobile device and reinstall your applications. Third-party applications may have compatibility issues with Windows Mobile 6. Please consult with the software developer before upgrading to Windows Mobile 6. Make sure the remaining battery power is above 50% before performing a ROM upgrade. Before upgrading the ROM, remove the miniSD (U1000, D810 and 838Pro) or microSD (P800W) memory card from your device. Note that once the operating system is upgraded to Windows Mobile™ 6, it cannot be downgraded to Windows Mobile 5. Consider your options carefully before you upgrade. ” Read the full notes here via slashphone.com