“The Final Battle” from Crazysoft is near completion!

Final Battle image“Our new adventure game is near completion on all phones and PC. If you liked ‘Lost in the Pyramid‘ you will notice that this one has the same funny dialogs but everything else is far better!1) 20 times bigger than Lost in the Pyramid 2) Cartoon graphics 3) Deep story4) Amazing music and sounds 5) Funny dialogs 6) Translated into several languages 7) Pure adventure riddles 8) Will run on ALL PDAS and PHONES (Will run on Palm OS, WM3, WM5, WM6 Pocket PCs with all resolutions available. VGA also. WM3, WM5, WM6 Smartphones, Symbian UIQ3, Symbian S60 and Windows PC including Vista.) “Learn more about this beautiful game here:

Samsung passes Motorola, nabs No2 market share ranking

“As the two, next-largest handset vendors fling themselves at the dual prospects of entry-level phones in emerging markets and upgrade cycles in mature markets, all in an effort to compete with Nokia Corp.’s breakaway, a few rivets are coming loose.Motorola Inc.’s historic stumble has enabled Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. to seize, by a hair, the global, second-place ranking in market share.Samsung churned out 37.4 million handsets in the second quarter, compared with Motorola’s self-projected volume of 35 million to 36 million. Samsung’s unit volume is up nearly 50% over the year-ago quarter. Analysts said that the vendor’s efforts in emerging markets are finding a degree of success and, like Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, it has capitalized on Motorola’s weakness in the European market to gain share.Samsung’s financial results on its massive second-quarter volume play are another matter. The overall company earned revenue of $16 billion for the second quarter, a 4% nudge up from the year-ago quarter. Net income in the quarter was $1.5 billion, down 5% from the year-ago quarter.Samsung’s average selling price, as in Sony Ericsson’s case, has eroded with a push for market share. Samsung’s ASP in the quarter was $148, a 5% drop from the previous quarter.The company attributed its performance to its Ultra Edition line of handsets in mature markets and its increased volume of entry-tier handsets in emerging markets.” via rcrnews.com

MICRO VAULT Tiny 4GB USB drive by Sony

“Sony Europe (Recording Media & Energy) has reported the availability of new products in the portable multi-color USB-drive series – MICRO VAULT Tiny 4 GB.The new Sony media is expected to become an essential thing – the manufacturer preinstalled virtual Expander data compression software, which will help users to record trice as much data as the maximum storage drive capacity.Packed in a comfortable case MICRO VAULT Tiny 4-GB multi-color drive is a convenient media to store large size of music, images and video.MICRO VAULT Tiny devices are compatible with Macintosh and Windows (including Vista) operating systems. The 4GB drive is already available in stores at some $80.” via mobile-review.com

FTC Approves Palm's Deal with Private Equity Firm

“Last month, a deal was announced under which a private equity firm, Elevation Partners, will be buying 25% of Palm, Inc. for $325 million. For this to go through, though, the agreement required the approval from the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC has now signed off on the deal, and it will likely be concluded before the end of this year.Changes, But Not Big ChangesAs part of this deal, Jon Rubinstein, former head of the iPod division at Apple, will join Palm as executive chairman of the board. Rubinstein will lead the company’s product-development efforts. Fred Anderson and Roger McNamee, managing directors and co-founders of Elevation, will also join Palm’s board of directors. Rubinstein, Anderson, and McNamee will replace Eric Benhamou (the current chairman of the board) and D. Scott Mercer.”As a result of this transaction, we will strengthen the Palm leadership team and create a more effective capital structure, which puts us in a great position to attract new talent, significantly strengthen our execution capabilities, and deliver long-term shareholder value,” said Ed Colligan, Palm president and chief executive officer.” via brighthand.com

Nokia N76 review: Elegant and smart

“In dimensional aspect Nokia N76 is an above-average clamshell. It is bigger than common phones (106.5 x 52 mm), but also extremely slim – its thickness is mere 13.7 mm. The phone weighs 115 grams. Nokia N76 is going to be offered in two color versions: a decent black one that will surely catch the fancy of gentlemen and a more attractive red one that will definitely be preferred by ladies. The model we have been testing is black. It features a lot of plastic elements that look rather cheap, which does not respond to a high-class phone. Nokia N76 deserved more steel. Yet, the real disaster is somewhere else: the awful susceptibility of the phone to fingerprints, visible on its entire surface: on the black matt plates, on the protecting glass of the external display, on the silver band winding the phone… In other words, cleaning is going to be a full-time job for the N76 owner.” Read more here: