Does the Sony Ericsson P1i measure up? Vs Nokia E61i and N95!

N95, P1i and E61i “Steve Litchfield pits the spanking new Sony Ericsson P1i against its main competitors from the Symbian world, the messaging-focussed Nokia E61i and the media-focussed Nokia N95. How does Sony Ericsson’s latest measure up?As is sometimes the case in these head to heads, there’s no overall ‘winner’, especially considering the big price range between the three devices. You want the maximum smartphone features and platform for your bucks? That’ll be the Nokia E61i. You want beefier PIM apps and more PDA-like functions? You want the new P1i. You want a top spec camera and part-time camcorder, GPS, TV out, hardware acceleration and a kitchen sink thrown in? Pay the top money for the N95.”Read more here:

iPhone like virtual keyboard for Nokia n800

“Apple doesn’t sell iPhone here in Brazil, we wanted to evaluate its virtual keyboard usability… our solution here at INdT: write one using Python and Edje!The plan was to do it in less than one week, it took a bit more since I had to work on other things, fix some bugs with the EFL itself and also implement new features (like pointer_mode: NOGRAB) and also did the initial graphics, later replaced with Ian’s nice work. It does no type prediction, word hint, cursor navigation or key composition (accents are not possible).Summary is 230 lines of Python, 1110 lines of Edje, including comments and blank lines, and a really easy to type keyboard.” Check it here: