AT&T Treo 750 Windows Mobile 6 ROM Leaked

“The Internet has come through for impatient technophiles once again. In a forum post dated July 28th and entitled “Who wants the ATT WM6 ROM?!??!”, XDA-developers forum member incognitho has provided a rapidshare link to a leaked image of the upcoming Windows Mobile 6 ROM for the AT&T-branded Treo 750. incognitho reports the version information as: Version Information: Windows Mobile 6.0 AKU 0.2.4 Build 17746 CE Image: 1.25 Radio FW: And forum member SecureGSM reports the following software is included: AT&T Mail, AT&T Music, Games, MS Office Mobile, Active Sync, Calculator, Camera, Cellular Video, File Explorer, Get Telenav, GetGood, Get MobiTV, Internet Sharing, Notes, PDF Viewer (Picsel), Proxy Manager (ATA&T Proxy), Quick Tour, Remote Desktop Mobile, Search, SIM Manager, Sounds, Tasks, Windows Media. Voice Command 1.6 is included. SecureGSM also reports that Australian GSM networks are recognised and settings autoconfigured. Other posters report that this ROM also works with the Eurpoean Vodafone 750v. Please note that this is an unofficial leaked ROM and is in no way supported by Palm and AT&T. ” via