LG KC1 WiBro Phone Available in Korea

lg-kc1-11 First announced in end 2006, LG will soon start selling its new WiBro (WiMax) mobile phone in Korea. Selling at 700 USD, the KC1 is a Windows Mobile smartphone and has a big 2.8″ QVGA touch screen, 2 megapixel camera and microSD slot. It will be running Windows Mobile 5 pocket pc edition.Specification: Network: CDMA EV-DO Processor: Monahans 806 MHz OS: Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Edition Display: 2.8 inch (240 x 320) 512MB Flash T-DMB, Wimax, Bluetooth, WiFi (Optional) T-flash memory card 160 grams 60 x 120 x 16.9 mm” via slashphone.com

Sony Ericsson P990 and W950 Gets New Firmware R6E28

Sony Ericsson's P990i Approved for the USA “Sony Ericsson promised to offer a new P990 firmware in August. It seems it’s available already. From SEUS, there’s a new firmware, labelled as R6E28. If you have the guts to update your P990 firmware, go ahead and hit the update button. Unfortunately, there’s no information about what has been corrected or any new bugs. Stay tuned for my report in the near future. New P990 firmware info :Phone CXC162037 R9GA001 Bluetooth CXC162058 R5A01 Organizer CDC162036 R6E28 CDA CDA162007/2 R6E28 From a user: I have been using the new P990 firmware R6E28 for a couple of hours now and here are my observations :Bugs Remain:-1. Solid Colour in Activity Menu. Not transparent2. Sending SMS from DreamConnect3 will display number in the contact field instead of Name3. Memory leak still happens. From 17MB free, becomes 12MB without any applications running in the background. Checked using SwissManager (Memory Reclaim Level 3).Bugs gone:-1. Spacebar bug in FO mode is fixed!2. Long text crashes in Messaging (and other applications with editing like QuickOffice, Docs To Go etc) is also fixed. Yay!!!3. Pressing Jogdial in while composing SMS displays contact selection (It was there in R5A17 but gone in R6D23)4. 17MB free RAM after cold boot” Check it here: Thanks to allaboutsymbian for the report!