Palm Centro Coming in October; Treo 800w Delayed?

“A new report claims to have the dates two upcoming smartphones from Palm, Inc. will be released by Sprint.Palm CentroA device that is likely the Palm Centro will debut on Sunday, October 14, if the report on Phone News is correct. This smartphone –which was first unveiled last week — will be a low-cost model that will also be Palm’s smallest smartphone ever; nevertheless, it will still include a full keyboard, touchscreen, and EV-DO. This unconfirmed report says this device will be part of the Treo 500 series, which is possibly the name it will go by internally at Palm and Sprint. Carriers are increasingly giving consumer-friendly product names to smartphones, while still using a more exact designation internally. For example, the BlackBerry Pearl’s internal designation is the 8100.Palm Treo 800wRumors have been circulating for some time that Palm intends to release a new high-end smartphone to be called the Treo 800w. If Phone News is correct, then this has been pushed back until some time during the first three months of next yearAccording to rumor, this may be the first Treo with integrated Wi-Fi and the first Windows Mobile device with a 320-by-320-pixel touchscreen. In addition, the 800w will reportedly include EV-DO Rev. A and a built-in GPS receiver. Sprint will definitely be the first carrier to offer the Centro, but it’s possible Verizon may release the Treo 800w before Sprint does.” via

LG KU990 with touch sensitive display, details

“There are some hot rumors on LG KU990 phone, which is supposed to be an heir of LG Prada. The new phone comes with a touch sensitive display and has no keyboard. Taking into account the picture, the device will be available from Vodafone in the US. In addition we’ve got the list of LG KU990’ detailed specs. However the info hasn’t been officially confirmed.The specs of LG KU990: Networks – GSM/EDGE, 3G HSDPA support 3” display, QVGA, 256K colors Interface – USB 2.0, Bluetooth FM-radio 130 MB of internal memory microSD-slot 5-megapixel camera Frontal VGA-camera Dimensions – 103.5×54.4×14.8 mm Weight – 112 g” via

Nokia N95 Black 8GB Get Confirmation in FCC

nokia-n95-black-3 “The Black Nokia N95 with 8GB internal memory is now listed on FCC approval list. The new black edition comes with an upgrade 8GB built in memory, plus all the features you can find in the original Nokia N95. GPS module is still there, though not all networks support all features offered in this device. For instance, it does not support American 3G network, thus video calls, video sharing, push-to-talk, and instant messaging are not compatible with the networks in the United States of America.” via

Review of GSM communicator HTC P3350 (Love)

“Riding high after the success of one of its most popular offerings ever – communicator HTC P3300 (Artemis) – HTC had no other way to go but capitalize on this concept once again. And they did so – they figured that utilizing at least the same platform and casing would work out just fine. First, this allowed them to save some money (typical, time-proven platform – the OMAP 850), and second – lend the new product the distinctive looks right from the get-go (the popularity of the P3300 plays a crucial role in this). This is why the HTC P3350 has come to life – a music-inclined (the way HTC puts it) communicator from the market’s top Windows Mobile manufacturer. ” Read more here: