Palm Treo 700wx brings Sprint customers minor update

Palm releases minor update for Treo 700wx on Sprint network - DUN, A2DP, hands-freeIt looks like Palm Treo 700wx fans/users on Sprint’ network will be getting a bit of update-love from the people that tanked your Treo with that buggy firmware update. Palm has released a minor update for the Treo 700wx on Sprint’s network. This isn’t the patched version of the buggy update that Palm pulled from it’s website, nor is it Windows Mobile 6.0 – it’s just your run-of-the-mill feature update.The new update allows you to take advantage of Sprint’s high-speed network to tether your handset to your computer for some high-speed DUN action. You’ll also get some A2DP love and expanded compatibility for all manner of hands-free accessories.It’s too bad that Palm didn’t see fit to include a threaded SMS text message feature with this update. You’ll just have to re-apply that threaded SMS hack that we mentioned a little while ago.” via