Samsung shows off SGH i550 GPS phone at IFA 2007

Samsung SGH-i550 GPS phone running Symbian S60 showed off at IFA 2007
“What does that new Samsung SGH-i550 GPS phone look like in person? Well, thanks to the handy camera skills of Unwired View, we bring you live shots of the Samsung i550 from IFA 2007.Quick little rehash before we get to the goods. The Samsung SGH-i550 is a Symbian S60-powered smartphone with 3.6Mbps HSDPA, 3.2 megapixel camera with flash, 2.6 inch display, FM radio, microSD card slot, and of course that integrated GPS module.Oh, and there’s one aspect of this phone that we missed earlier – there’s a BlackBerry Pearl-esque trackball in place of the d-pad. The trackball reportedly works very well on this phone and makes navigation fast and easy.. There isn’t too much else we could ask for in a smartphone – maybe just a QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen. Otherwise, this thing is a definite thumbs-up for Symbian fans.” via

Sharp Develops LCD with Embedded Touch Screen and Scanner Functions

“Sharp Corporation has successfully developed a new System LCD equipped with touch screen and scanner functions. An optical sensor is built into each pixel of the LCD panel, eliminating the need to bond a film to the panel for touch screen functions.Sharp developed its proprietary System LCD technology to successfully embed an optical sensor used in devices like scanners in each pixel of the LCD panel. This technology eliminates the need for films, resulting in a thinner, beautifully clear screen display compared to conventional touch screens. In addition, tactile recognition based on simultaneously touching multiple points on the screen is now possible, a feature previously difficult to implement. For example, users can easily tap the screen with two fingers to enlarge or reduce a displayed map. The scanner function can be used to scan in a business card placed on top of the screen, and further improvements to this function are expected to enable fingerprint authentication in the future. Sample shipments will begin in September of this year, with volume production slated to start next spring.” via

Shots of HP's upcoming iPAQs 614c / 914c leaked?

“Well what do you know, it looks like HP are looking to get their iPaq line of Pocket PCs back on the map, with the forthcoming release of the iPAQ 614c and 914c! Submitted by an anonymous tipster, the pictures and specs below show us that HP are looking to bring the fight back to HTC et al with their devices.First the 614c, which takes a candybar form with a conventional keypad, and an innovative ‘virtual wheel’ to replace the directional pad. At first look the device reminds me of the as yet unrelease Asus P750.The specs are as follows… Windows Mobile 6 Professional 12 keys + Navigation Circle 2.8″ QVGA display 3G / HSDPA / WiFi GPS 3 Megapixel cameraNext comes the 914c, with a horizontal QVGA screen and the look of the UBiQUiO 503G about it. The specs are expected to be virtually identical to the 614c, albeit with a smaller 2.5″ screen due to the change in orientation.No word yet on available or pricing, but we’ll let you know as we hear more!” via

Samsung F330 music slider gets official

SanDisk-8GB-M2-card “Samsung has already launched a whole heap of mobile phones this year, and while most of the handsets it had on display at IFA in Berlin today saw light of day way back at 3GSM in March, one phone did catch our eye.Say hello to the SGH-F330 music phone, a slider with cool white styling and a dedicated music-key cluster that’s almost iPod-like in its clean lines. It has 1GB of on-board song storage – there’s a Micro SD card slot for more – and a radio for when you tire of your own tunes. It’ll play MPEG 4 video on its 2.1in, 240 x 320, 262,144-colour display too.It’s a 3G phone – the hard-to-see front-facing video call camera’s in the top right of the picture – and has 3.6Mbps HSDPA download technology on board too. There’s a two-megapixel camera on the back. It should come as no great surprise that the F330 is fitted out with Bluetooth and wireless stereo support.” via