Motorola Q9m Review at phonearena!

“The Motorola Q9m is one of the latest SmartPhones to be released by Verizon Wireless, which replaces the original Q that was introduced last year. The Q9m features a newly designed QWERTY Keypad, 65K Color QVGA Landscape Display, Bluetooth, EVDO, Stereo Speakers, and MiniSD card slot. The software now features the Windows Mobile 6 operating system, which incorporates full HTML Internet Browser, E-Mail, Media Player 10, Wireless Sync, and Documents to Go. The Q9m is also the first SmartPhone to have two Home Screens (Standard and Multimedia), with the Multimedia screen allowing easy access to Music and Videos, Pictures, Camera, and VCast Music downloads. It is clear that the Q9m is targeted to the “young professional” that is looking for SmartPhone with added Multimedia capabilities.” Read more here:

More Palm Centro Information Leaked

htc_vogue.jpg“Engadget has posted a number of leaked high-resolution spec sheets from Sprint revealing the source of the recent flurry of Palm Centro photographs and information. Another set of leaked images also depicts the Centro in person, next to the Treo 755p and other upcoming Sprint devices. The marketing document confirms all of the recently rumored specs about the device and the device unfortunately appears to have EVDO Rev. 0 and not the newer Rev. A spec as previous rumors had indicated. The Sprint promotional materials do not specify a “youth” target audience for this device but instead play on the large software bundle and “Palm’s familiar world-class ease of use with new added applications…”. Palm’s latest Garnet-powered device happens to be its first smartphone devoid of the “Treo” branding. The Palm Centro is low-end device running the Garnet OS for CDMA networks and Sprint as the exclusive launch partner. Palm’s semi-announcement last month indicated that an entry-level EVDO device would exclusively debut on Sprint sometime this fall. The Centro is essentially a smaller Palm OS version of the Treo 500 expected to be released tomorrow for GSM carriers. The release date of the Centro for Sprint is expected to be October 14th with an estimated price of $99 with contract. These latest Sprint documents also make no mention of the rumored Treo 800w, previously thought to be Palm’s flagship release for this fall. The Treo 800w is anticipated to run Windows Mobile 6 Professional with EVDO Rev. A for both Sprint and Verizon networks. ” via

Nokia N95 8GB Preview at allaboutsymbian!

“Rafe from allaboutsymbian previews the Nokia N95 8GB. The first part focusses on the general feature set of the phone while the second part offers a guide to the nine key differences between the N95 and N95 8GB.”Nice phone!!