Palm Treo 500v Review: Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone

Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone “As anyone who has been tracking the various ups and (considerable) downs of Palm’s fortunes recently will know, there’s quite a lot hanging on this latest release for the company.Although both Windows and Palm OS versions of their Treo smartphones sold pretty well and received generally good reviews, there has been growing discontentment amongst loyal followers that Palm’s Innovation Dept have been on an extended dinner break for too long. After all, the form factor of the recent Treo range has barely altered physically from its Handspring days, with the recent Palm 680 offering very little over their long serving Treo 650 handset.” Read this great review here:

BlackBerry 8820 Smartphone from AT&T

“AT&T announced that the new BlackBerry 8820 Wi-Fi mobile phone will be available to its customers starting September 20. The BlackBerry 8820 lets you not only connect to your corporate or home network but also take advantage of 10,000 AT&T-owned or branded Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the U.S. (which requires an additional fee, of course). As the BlackBerry 8820 is EDGE compatible as well, you are also covered in AT&T’s network.The BlackBerry 8820 supports WLAN 802.11 a/b/g and features enterprise-level security. There’s also built-in GPS with support for solutions such as TeleNav GPS Navigator and TeleNav Track and AT&T’s PTT (push-to-talk) service. The phone is compatible with Bluetooth 2.0, and offers a microSD card slot for expanding memory. Users can also access AT&T Mobile Music, a one-stop-shop for music content from eMusic, XM Satellite Radio and more.As with any BlackBerry, the 8820 offers a QWERTY keyboard, trackball navigation and a big 320×240 pixels resolution display.Priced at US $299.99 (after rebates and a 2-year service agreement), the BlackBerry 8820 will be available starting September 20, 2007.” via

Glofiish X800 comes to stores

“E-TEN Information Systems reported worldwide sales of the Glofiish X800 communicator. According to the company, this is the first communicator combining the support of 3G, high resolution display and GPS-module. In addition it’s the most advanced and functionally richest communicator by E-TEN.The Glofiish X800 debuted at CeBIT 2007 in March 2007, Hanover, Germany. 3 months later E-TEN Information Systems showcased the communicator at Computex in Taibei reporting it would add a Samsung 500 MHz processor to the final version instead of 400 MHz expected earlier.The X800 from the glofiish line became the pioneer communicator supporting both 3G networks and HSDPA standard.The Glofiish X800 features: CPU: 500 MHz, Samsung 2-megapixel camera with auto focus, 0.3-megapixel camera for video calls Display: VGA (480×640 pixels) OS: Windows Mobile 6 Professional Built-in GPS-module (SiRF Star III)” via

Samsung show unnamed WM6 Pro Smartphone with mouse scroll

“Fresh from the maw of the rumour possum comes a video of a Samsung smartphone, running WM6 Pro with a flush-fitted touchscreen and innovative mouse scroller, shot at GITEX and as yet unannounced by the company themselves. The handset, which resembles the SGH-i600 and appears to have a front-mounted camera suggesting UMTS video calling capabilities, differs from earlier Samsung models by virtue of its larger, square-aspect touchscreen.From the video it’s difficult to say whether it’s a physical trackball-type mechanism or some sort of tiny trackpad used to control the mouse; there’s also no suggestion of model, name or release schedule. Still, the prospect of a replacement for the popular Blackjack will likely have Samsung fans salivating.” via