Sony Ericsson W960 Preview at phonearena!

“Only a look at the W960 will be enough to show you that it is a successor of the W950. Although the style of the two phone is rather different, they use the same design-language being part of the Walkman family. The dimensions are kept as before and are what you could expect for a smartphone with 2.6” display but the thickness of 0.6”/16mm gives positive impression.Although the external dimensions are similar, there are changes in the internal structure in order to pack the additional hardware of the device. The space below the display must have also been rearranged, as the new keyboard is of standard type, instead of the flush touch one used in the previous model. The positive side is that the new has relief and the separate keys are felt by touch, and the pressing of one results in movement, with tactile feedback which lacks in the touch-buttons of the previous model. Still the keys are rather small and not very comfortable, and we think that a keyboard in the style of the W880’s one will be more convenient to use due to the large space between the separate buttons, which limits the chance to push the wrong button.”Read more here: