Software features of Nokia S40 5th Edition

“Nokia’s developers have skipped over the fourth edition of S40 platform – we didn’t see it debut and never will, since this number is considered “unlucky” in some Eastern regions. The transition from the 3rd edition enhanced by Feature Pack 2 to the 5th edition doesn’t seem to be introducing some groundbreaking innovations into the system, for example, it still doesn’t feature multitasking abilities for Java-applications. However in other respects the fifth edition is one of the market’s finest platforms to date. Speaking of its major improvements, we should mention the revamp of the music player, so now it is merged with the video player and extended core functionality. And like we always do, here is a thing for you to take note of– some features listed in this write-up have much to do with hardware, as well as software. For instance, some phone may not come with an Infrared port or FM-radio module. Keep this in mind and look for reviews on specific devices. This article is the breakdown of the platform’s functionality, which is composed so as not to go over the same thing again in our reviews. Our comprehensive review on the platform’s previous version can be found here:”

Spy pics of Palm Centro for GSM!

“A web source has shared the picture of Palm Centro communicator for GSM networks. It is likely to support EDGE standard. Given the screen icons, it will be launched by AT&T operator. After the US release the new Centro might come to other regions.I’d remind you that the announcement of the original Palm Centro designed for CDMA networks has taken place not long ago with the release set for October 14 from Sprint. Under the Palm contract the communicator will be exclusively sold by the operator during 90 days. Thus we can expect the GSM Palm Centro not earlier than January 2008.” via