Glofiish M800: a successor to the X800 with QWERTY keyboard

“We’ve got our hands on the specs of E-TEN Glofiish M800 communicator. This is an heir of the X800 with a slide-out QWERTY-keyboard. At the same time the specs are likely to be the same as in the original communicator. The says the new model will be launched in late November – early December. The recommended price is about €600.According to the source the specs enlist the following:
3G (UMTS/HSDPA) support
OS – Windows Mobile 6 Professional
CPU – Samsung 500 MHz
256 MB ROM
Wireless – Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Display – touchscreen VGA
Two built-in cameras
Battery – 1530 mAh “via

Apple opening iPhone to 3rd party developers with release of Leopard?

“MYiTablet is reporting that there are rumors going around that the totally irrelevant release of Leopard might also give way to the iPhone being opened up to third party developers for new applications. Like I said, the two are totally irrelevant, but neither one is worthy of a separate press conference, so I guess the combination of the two announcements could kind of make sense in that respect. They aren’t going to open it up to just anyone, but well established companies, especially those well known for producing mobile apps are rumored to have been getting contacted by Apple recently. Its already fairly well known that EA is porting its entire line of iPod games to the new iPhone/iPod platforms so they can be loaded onto those devices, but there is rumored to be a lot more companies being approached. ” via