Samsung SPH P9200 ultra UMPC details break cover!

“Samsung’s SPH-P9000 UMPC grabbed hearts and attention at the end of last year bringing a new level of twisty, bendy, foldable loveliness to the ultraportable table. Now their follow-up, the SPH-P9200, has broken cover – it might look pretty sparse on specs, but the low-voltage VIA processor should manage some decent battery life. Chippy over at UMPC Portal has managed to dig up the user manual and of course there’s a video (after the cut) of the device in action at GITEX 2007.Ignore the processor and take a look at the networking options – HSDPA, WiFi and WiBro – and imagine yourself playing on your lovely UMPC wherever your heart leads you. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on one!
Via C7-M processor
30GB hard drive
Windows XP Home edition.
Standard battery (20Whr, 2-2.5hours)
Extended battery (40whr, up to 5 hours)
Camera, 1.3mp
Wifi, Wibro and HSDPA
SIM card slot.
15 pin accessory port (unclear. Could be for headset, dongles)
Port replicator (2xUSB, power, LAN, VGA)
5” 800×480 screen (and higher res interpolated modes)
Deluxe Launcher with enhanced systems tray.
Includes Samsung MyPen software.
Icon lens and MyZoom software
Optical joystick (and mouse buttons)” via

Motorola's new phones lineup leaked in Amsterdam!

” Motorola today showed her christmas line-up of devices in Amsterdam. Besides watching the new announced devices, Mototola also accidently leaked fouw new devices during her presentation in which they informed us with their strategy and vision for the future. Mobile Phone Helpdesk made photos of these devices when they were shown at the presentation, which is also the reason why the photo quality is not as good as you are used to with us. However, a good deal of the possibilities that the devices will offer are not blurry at all.” Check it all here:

Samsung SGH i450 is officially announced!

“Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a global leader in the mobile phone industry, announced today its new music phone line-up. With the launch of its newest line-up of music dedicated phones, the SGH-i450, SGH-F330 and SGH-F210, Samsung offers multiple choices for mobile phone users.Samsung’s latest music phones allow the mobile phone users to enjoy both dedicated music features and advanced mobile phone functions without any compromise. With its perfect duality to bring 100% phone and 100% music player in one device, Samsung attracts a wide range of music phone users.Samsung’s music phones offer the ideal form factors for both music and mobile phone uses with its strong leadership in innovative design. With the launch of music dedicated phones such as the SGH-F300, Samsung has developed an innovative Physical User Interface (PUI), a mechanism ideal for music lovers. With an optimal PUI, Samsung offers its users the opportunity to enjoy its music player as if it were an MP3 player, even when the mobile phone is turned off. Its unparalleled duality ensures that the Samsung music phone offers its consumers either a 100% music or phone experience, depending on their needs.Not only does the dual face design maximize duality, but the usability of convenient music control keys also satisfies the users to control both music and mobile phone features with ease. As Samsung delivers innovative dual form factors, the company also developed an advanced UI which maximizes the usability, according to whether the user wants to listen to music or use the mobile phone’s other features.Samsung also delivers superb sound quality to its users by providing ICEpower? amplifier developed by Bang & Olufsen?. Users are able to listen to their music alone or with company via the speakers using ICEpower? amplifier developed by Bang & Olufsen? with superior audio fidelity. Also, ICEpower? developed by Bang & Olufsen? enhances battery life by saving power consumption.As music dedicated devices, Samsung music phones allow the users to play various types of music files including MP3, AAC, AAC+, e-AAC+, WMA, WMDRM and store additional music through the external memory slot. To support various formats including WMDRM, Samsung brings seamless compatibility with files purchased from online sites.Geesung Choi, President of Samsung Telecommunication Network Business, said “We have tried to understand what music lovers want from their music phones. I’m very confident that Samsung’s music phone line-up is the best solution for users. With Samsung’s music phones, users can enjoy 100% phone and 100% music player at the same time.” He added, “We will continue to provide unique music phone experiences with various products.”As the most innovative music phone manufacturer, Samsung will expand its music line up to satisfy the needs of various consumer segments. With upcoming launches of two other music phones during the 1Q, 2008, Samsung will strengthen its leadership in the music phone market with innovative products and aggressive promotions.Samsung SGH-i450- ‘Dual Slider with Touch Wheel Music Navigation’The Samsung i450, a truly innovative music phone, brings both attractive design and various multimedia features to the table. The dual slider design enables the users to enjoy unique mobile experiences, as the two way slide form factor enhances the usability to control music and mobile phone functions.When you slide up, the mobile phone supports powerful smartphone features with Symbian S60 OS. Running the Symbian S60 3rd Edition operating system, the i450 provides advanced download application and multitasking features in fast speed through HSDPA connectivity at 3.6 Mbps. By adopting S60 software, the i450 brings perfect extensibility for easy use of music download and transfer. Also, users can enjoy the great browsing experiences with S60 that makes the devices easy and logical to use.When you slide down, the phone activates as a music player with touch wheel navigation which enables the users to control the multimedia menus easily. Moreover, metallic speakers supporting ICEpower? amplifier developed by Bang & Olufsen? offer superb sound quality to music phone users. For its advanced music features, the i450 supports a unique music UI and multi codec music files. Also, the i450 offers 35MB internal memory and microSD™ slot up to 4GB to store more music.The i450 is available in Italy from the end of October and will be available in other European countries shortly. The price is around 360 Euro without subsidy.